ZTE Grand X


ZTE still needs to work its way into becoming a name that is instantly recognized by consumers. And the company, located in China, is slowly but steadily finding its identity. And its fortune came when they introduced the Grand X, a smartphone that does not cost as much as its counterparts from Samsung, HTC, Apple and other more famous names: £200 only. A few minutes into our tests, we were impressed with this handset. And we want to share with you what we liked. Follow the review below to find out.

Powerful battery

The specs which aim at making a lot if users happy with the ZTE Grand X are as follows: a 4.3″ touchscreen, 540 x 960 pixels of resolution, a 1,650mAh battery, the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS, an HSPA+ modem, a 0.3MP and a 5MP camera, a 1GHz Nvidia Tegra 2 mobile processor and 4GB of storage. The phone has included microSD expandable storage, too.

The most kick we had out of the latest ZTE smartphone was its interface thanks to the Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. Which is of the stock variety, mind you. There is a lot to like about this. Such as the stylish notification menu, the Roboto font which remains unchanged and many more nice features that will make navigation a great experience.

The battery is quite capable of lasting almost 24 hours without the need to recharge it.zte-grand-x

The phone has looks that do not really stand out. It’s not an ugly smartphone, but it doesn’t have enough elements to make it unforgettable. It withstands drops to the floor thanks to the solid material it is made of. The surface on its rear indicates that it will be hard to have it fall from your hands that easily.

Easy to use menu

The resolution of the display lacks a certain brightness. But despite that, this touchscreen manages to be packed with more than enough beautiful colors. Clarity is also worthy of notice, because it is good. There were some moments, in our tests, that the display had a major con: we had to press the keys for many times to get feedback from them. And this became annoying a lot of times when we reviewed the phone.

This handset is not very thin. So if you are a major fan of extremely thin smartphones, there are other models to try out.

On its front, the ZTE Grand X features a camera with a resolution of 0.3MP. But do not think of it as a superb cam, because it isn’t. A second camera sits on the device’s back. This one sports a resolution of 5 megapixels. But even so, it fails to rise up to expectations, too. So in the end you are left with not so great-looking pics or videos.

Playing games on ZTE’s new smartphone is a piece of cake. And that’s thanks to both the big screen and the processor. However, only simple games are recommended.

The kind of audio technology that the Grand X is using is Dolby Mobile Sound. And that is swell, because we didn’t have problems while listening to songs. Also, talking to friends was nice, since we could hear them really well. Plus, we didn’t experience many dropped calls.

Download speeds can reach 21Mbps. The HSPA+ modem is to thank for that.

Review conclusion

Saying that the ZTE Grand X is the smartphone of the year is far fetched. But we won;t shy away from declaring that this handset does what it’s supposed to do well.

  1. Stevethesearcher at 7:28 pm

    Having to keep the screen up full because it’s not very bright is not going to be good for the battery life. The unresponsive screen also is a minus. Camera and video quality is poor. They are the downsides as everything else seems ok even quite good in places. This phone seems good as an Internet phone as browsing is meant to be good however it’s no camera phone. Shame because they nearly got it right with this phone. If you don’t care about camera or video and you can live with the screen issues it is a good budget phone. I do like a decent camera and screen responsiveness so they are issues which do concern me. I know it’s a budget phone but Sony HTC and Samsung can put a decent 5 megapixel camera on their budget offerings.