ZoneAlarm Extreme Security 2012 review


A protection software from ZoneAlarm

The latest ZoneAlarm Extreme Security 2012 suite was significantly updated when compared to its predecessors. Was its performance also bettered? We tested the product on our laptop and here is our review.

Improvements added

Without further ado, let’s see what the ZoneAlarm Extreme Security 2012 has to offer in terms of design. The software is available to free download and install. As mentioned in the introduction of our review, the security suite has suffered improvements. Among these is the interface. After the quick and smooth – thanks to the program’s scanner – installation was over, we were greeted by a simple but sleek main window with three big panels and each of the latter is a status indicator for one security area, like Internet, Identity & Data and Computer. During our test they also worked as a button which would show details in that mentioned area.ZoneAlarm-Extreme-Security-2012

Powered by Kaspersky engine

The new ZA Extreme Security 2012 offered overall protection with the help of Kaspersky Lab’s technology and cloud-based technology. The product’s scanner did a good job of detecting and fixing malware issues. When it came to removing said malware, the security suite did another good job and it also blocked known suspicious web addresses and checked every download. Unfortunately, while testing the product, we noticed that 20& of the malware it managed to detect still succeeded in installing itself and running on our laptop.

Privacy protection

Our privacy was protected thanks to the following features: Identity Lock, Registry tune-up, antiphishing, antispam, a year’s subscription to Identity Guard and, finally, ForceField. The phishing protection impressed us the most with its superb performance. The antispam option was also very good, because it successfully whitelisted/blacklisted certain web addresses and efficiently ensured receipt of mailing list messages by using the whitelisting method on the recipient’s address. The Registry tune-up of Zone Alarm performed well: it basically cleaned up erroneous or useless Registry items, thus improving the performance of our laptop’s system. Another favorite feature of ours was the Firewall; this one hid all ports and put a great fight against direct attacks by various threats. The ForceField browser virtualization successfully blocked drive-by downloads. The security suite managed to also prevent keyloggers, but the Parental control feature wasn’t that impressive.

Review conclusions

In conclusion, the ZoneAlarm Extreme Security 2012 offers some great features, but the antivirus needs to be improved.

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