Winamp 5 Full 5.621 Build 3173


A very popular software from Winamp

Winamp was developed by an American and Russian programmer. It has since then become a very popular program for people everywhere, because it offers great library features with skins and plug-ins, graphical sound visualization and playlist. The new Winamp 5 Full 5.621 Build 3173 is much improved from previous versions. Don’t believe us? Then find out more from our review below.

Works on old systems too

First of all, some words on the requirements that are needed for a good installation. The product works with either Windows XP, 7, Me, 2000, 2003 or Vista and requires the following: 500MHz Pentium III (or comparable), 20MB Hard Disk Space, 256MB RAM, Internet Explorer 5.01 (or higher), 16bit Sound Card, DirectX 9.0c, 1x speed or greater CD Burner (Required for Burning) and, finally, 2x speed or greater CDROM (Required for Ripping).Winamp-5-Full-5.621-Build-3173

Easy to install

Download and installation gave us no headaches when we tested the Winamp 5 Full 5.621 for this review. The interface is sleek and simple to navigate through and the icons are easy to use thanks to the new Bento Skin. We noticed that the library had 461 plug-ins and 20.000 skins, which was a great improvement from earlier versions; it also had a Windows Shade mode. In the features segment, the product sports basic as well as new and exciting ones. Some of the old ones are the following: Album Art, Playlist Editor, Library, Equalizer, Video, Visualizations, iPod Support, Auto-Tags, AOL Radio Online Services (powered by CBS Radio) and many more.

Playlist Editor

The Playlist Editor enabled us to sort playlists by file name and title or file name and path, helped us open and save playlists, drag and drop media directly into a playlist from the Media Library or Windows Explorer; the Library worked spotlessly: we could effectively modify tags of music collections, burn music files to Audio CD, download and view cover art for our songs, rip music CDs to WMA, WAV, MP3 and the like, tune into user created Internet TV or audio stations and much more. The browser allowed us to easily visit any site in the Bento browser and the Video option could play video formats such as WMV, AVI and MPG, just to name a few. The Equalizer had no problems shifting the sound from the speakers to the right or to the left and works great in the time of our test.

Some improvements

Some of the improvements in the new Winamp 5 Full 5.621 Build 3173 are Turkish, Romanian and Portuguese Language Packs, support for freely-rotating wheel mouse, added 64bit float IIR support, search & view load speed optimizations, database query/backup/recovery, New Visualizer Plug-in-Milkdrop 2, expanded Flash video support, New iTunes Library Import, Winamp OrglerTM, Windows 7 Compliant and many more.

Free download Winamp 5 Full 5.621 Build 3173