Western Digital WD TV Live Plus 1080p


A full HD media player from WD

We’ve always wanted to test a media playback device like Western Digital WD TV Live Plus 1080p. Basically, we wanted to something that could decode DTS audio, and from all our options, WD TV Live Plus was the closest to our needs.

Ethernet connectivity

From the specs, we can see that the above gadget is more of a media 1080p HD media hub that comes in the market with Ethernet compatibility as well as DTS audio decoding. Not bad, right?
Priced somewhere near $175, WD TV Live Plus 1080p and specially designed to connect to the Internet directly on the TV, WD TV live connects through Ethernet and places the Wi-Fi on an option position, that can be used when no other alternatives are possible. As it comes equipped with a HDMI jack, the media playback device can be connected to the TV using a HDMI cable.

USB media player player too

Western-Digital-WD-TV-Live-Plus-1080pBefore to review it, is important to know that WD TV Live comes with a USB port. For example, an USB memory stick can be plugged in the port, and after that, certain operations are needed in order to access the files. To be honest with you, in test it was pretty hard to figure what exactly we had to do (although clear instructions were given in the manual) in order to access the files, therefore some people might consider WD TV Live Plus player to hard to use, at least in the first days.
However, we wanted to see if anything would change if we would use a mobile phone or a camcorder instead of a classic USB port. The main reason to do such a thing was the rumor mill around this gadget that was telling that WD Live Plus 1080p acts exemplary. Indeed, there rumors were true. When connected to a mobile phone or a camcorder/photo camera, the media playback device acts real smooth and nice.

Dependent by wires

Though, it’s important for everybody to know that Western Digital TV Live Plus TV 1080p may create some disadvantages to some people, mainly because its dependence of the wired Ethernet. If the router is placed quite far from the TV, most probably the users won’t be able to connect properly to the TV. It’s not quite a disadvantage, but in most cases, people don’t have their router installed nowhere near the TV screen.

Review conclusions

However, generally speaking, from our WD TV Live Plus TV 1080p review and test, it can bee easily seen that this media hub is worthy for its money. However, before buying such a gadget, the future customers must ensure that they have their router placed near the TV, and more than that, they must have patience and time to read the manual. Otherwise, even though it is a good product, users will spend precious amounts of time on finding out how to install and use Western Digital TV Live Plus TV 1080p, time that can be spared easily by reading the manual.

Technical specifications

ADSL portNo
Product TypeGateway / Bridge
Port TV / CableNo
Number of USB Ports1
Number of Ethernet Ports1
Number of Fast Ethernet Ports1
Number of Gigabit Ethernet Ports0
Number of Fiber Optic Ports0
Port Token RingNo
Modem TypeExternal
RAM in MB0
CDMA modemNo
Access PointNo
Integrated FirewallNo
Integrated PBXNo
Integrated ModemNo
Compatible with 802.11a wireless standardNo
Compatible with standard 802.11b WiFiNo
Compatible with standard 802.11g Wi-FiNo
Managed Radio FrequenciesNo
IrDA (Infrared)No
Compatible WiFi 802.11i StandardNo
WiMAX (802.16a)No
Port ADSL2 +No
Compatible with 802.11n WiFi standardNo
TV Cable Net FunctionNo
Power Over Ethernet (PoE)No
SegmentProduct Network
Switch typeN / A
Virtual Private NetworkNo
USB hostNo
Optical disc driveNo