Wacom Bamboo Fun


A graphical tablet for designers

Pro designers will, more than certain, not like Wacom’s Bamboo Fun pen that much. Other people, however, will love it because, as its name says, it’s a fun to use gadget. Until now it was only available in other countries, so the fact that Americans are also able to get it from the stores is a more than welcome fact. As far as we are aware, the device is a replacement for Graphire’s line of tablets which were designed with mainstream customer in mind. As our tests revealed, the Bamboo Fun were very helpful when we had to draw or write on our PC. Here’s our review.

Available in two versions

The Wacom Bamboo comes in black, white, silver and blue and there are 2 sizes to choose from, namely small and medium; the small version has an active area of 6″ x 3.5″, while the medium one is available in 8.5″ x 5.5″. The Bamboo Fun model is the one with the medium size. On another note, this pen features a Touch Ring and 4 ExpressKeys which are all programmable, compared to the Graphire device that comes with only 2 programmable ExpressKeys and a scroll wheel. These ExpressKeys we keep mentioning were very easy to program when we wished them, during our test, to perform keyboard shortcuts; not to say that they also served as function buttons which translated as a means of reducing our reliance on the keyboard when we drew or wrote. This will be of extreme importance to creative people, since the less often they need to put down the pen and return to typing, the more they will be able to easily concentrate on their type of art. wacom-bamboo-fun

Easy to use

Let’s not forget the Touch Ring, because this is another important option of the Bamboo Fun pen. To zoom in or out you are only required to swirl your finger around it in a clockwise or counterclockwise motion; we found we could do that in another way: by clicking the top and bottom of the ring to scroll.
The tricky part came when we wanted to use the gadget with a large monitor, so the other Bamboo model might be a better choice for you. Plugging the product into a USB port made the rim of the Touch Ring glow blue; we liked this small detail quite a lot.

Without bluetooth support

Moving on, Wacom’s Fun tablet provided 2 wireless options to drive our cursor around the screen; these are the following: pen and mouse and they both work only when the user uses them on the tablet. Out of these, the pen is preinstalled with around 510 levels of pressure sensitivity and at its other end is an eraser which sports the same pressure sensitivity. While we’re here, we feel the need to add that the pen holder was somewhat insubstantial when we used it in our testing. The mouse looked very elegant with its scroll wheel and 2 keys.
The Bamboo Fun doesn’t ship with Bluetooth and we wish it did, because using a USB cable to connect the device to our PC was truly annoying.
When using Wacom’s latest gadget, we noticed it came with Corel Painter Essentials 3, Adobe Photoshop Elements 5 for Windows and Nik Color Efex Pro 2 GE.

Review conclusion

Since we’re at the end of our review, we’ll simply conclude that the Wacom Bamboo Fun is a sleek, very effective and fun to use product which we highly recommend.

Technical specifications

* Active surface
Medium: 8.5″ W x 5.3″ D
Small: 5.8″ W x 3.7″ D
* Tablet extarnal dimensions:
Medium: 11.0″ W x 9.3″ D x 0.3″ H
Small: 8.4″ W x 7.3″ D x 0.3″ H
* Resolution
2,540 Lines Per Inch
* Pressure Sensitivity
512 Levels
* Finger-Sensitive Input
Touch Ring
* ExpressKeys
* Color
Available in Silver, White, Black and Blue