Voltaic Spark Solar Tablet Case


Green technology for your gadget

Your Apple iPad and almost any other handheld device you might own will get a recharge from a unit that uses the sun for that. Voltaic Spark Solar Tablet Case is the name of this product and it costs no more than $300. Its main purpose is to protect your gadget when you take it on the road. But the fact that it also become a means of charging a device is brilliant. And it goes to show that there are still companies which give a damn about the environment. We’ll let our tests along with this review do all the talking.

Eco solutions

Green technology is advancing each passing day, which is great. Smartphones have long been used to have an alternative to standard charging methods in the form of solar chargers. A brand called Voltaic Systems – existing from 2004 – is offering its Spark Solar Tablet Case for all people who love Eco solutions. This product is a very good travel companion. It is actually a bag first and foremost, but we won’t get lost in correct names just now. The idea is: this product turns into a charging tool for the iPad you own. The way it functions is the following: 1 hour of keeping it under the rays of sun assures 1 hour of watching videos.Voltaic-Spark-Solar-Tablet-Case

Extended compatibility

The Voltaic Spark Solar Tablet Case offers compatibility with ASUS Transformer, T-Mobile G-Slate, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Blackberry Playbook and the list is still open. Basically almost all the gadgets that are handheld get strength from this product. But, and don’t forget, Acer Iconia Tab and Motorola XOOM don’t work with it. The solar panels it uses resisted water, as well as various other sources of possible damage, very well in the tests we did; and they sported 8 Watts. Their peak output is 6 volts or 12 volts. To translate it: it took 10 hours to charge our iPad. And that while holding the case under the sun. When there are a lot of clouds to cover the sun, the Voltaic Spark Solar relies on a backup of an internal battery. A high-power USB port will charge tablets (also a DSLR camera of the professional kind) and a normal USB port will charge phones; and everything that is held in the hand. If you own a car, the Spark Solar will recharge directly from a car charger cradle.

A very resistant case

The looks of this light case are simple. The material sticks to the “we take care of the environment” policy and is made of recycled PET plastics. We gave our best to give some scratches to the unit, but they didn’t show. So here you have it: a case that resists a lot of things trying to damage it.

Should you want to use the product with a digital camera, remember this: bring with you an optional camera battery cradle and adjust the output of voltage.

The warranty that is offered by Voltaic for their latest tablet case and its panels is 2 years; the battery has a 1-year period. If the product gets damaged during that time, customer support will provide everything you need to know on the problem.

Review conclusion

Did our review spark an interest for the Voltaic Spark Solar Tablet Case? If the answer is yes, http://www.voltaicsystems.com/v39 and http://www.voltaicsystems.com/spark await your order. And you should place one, because the product is so worth it.