Vizio XVT553SV


A 55 inch LCD HDTV

Even though we’ve never been a fan of the Vizio LCDs, as we are a Sony Bravia declared fans for life, when we was asked to review and test XVT553SV, we accepted mainly because we was curious about the king of products Vizio is doing nowadays.

Before starting this article, my main purpose was to check the clarity in HD mode. As well, I wanted to check the refresh rate and the response speed, as we really wanted to get some data for some of my other projects.

The design is well done

vizio-xvt553svAs we expected, Visio has never given any importance to the exterior design of their products. This is why Vizio XVT553SV has more of a box aspect on its external parts. However, at a first sight, the screen looks OK, therefore the exterior design isn’t such a weak point after all.

To be honest with you, the remote was the one that really fascinated me. Why? Because it features a QWERTY keyboard, which is definitely a revolutionary appearance for this industry. We’ve never seen before a Qwerty based keyboard on a remote for a LCD, therefore this was the first pleasant surprise for me.

Not impressive contrast

As concerning to its performance, this LCD runs well. However, the contrast seemed to be the weak part for the 55” screen, as in some parts of the dark images, black appeared to be a combination of dark gray and light black. As for the color performance, the test ran just fine, as expected. Vizio LCDs have always been known for their color performance, therefore nothing to say too bad here, except for the fact that we would have liked it more if they had a clearer dark contrast, and not one that can be misplaced with gray.

Ethernet access

Moreover, Vizio XVT553SV comes with an inbuilt Wi-Fi modem, fact that allows to run Ethernet without any problems. Basically, users can browse through pages like Netflix directly from their Qwerty based remotes.

As well, most of the users will be extremely satisfied by the 5 inbuilt HDMI ports, that allow them to play games and watch different DVD in HD mode, even if the images aren’t shot in a proper HD mode.

Review conclusion

So far, 2 weak points and 2 good ones. If wee keep in mind that the weak points are related to the dark contrast and design, and not related to performance, then Vizio XVT553SV is an LCD that is worthy to be bought, especially if you like big screens. After all, this model is a 55” one, therefore is definitely for people who have big rooms, where not all the details can be seen so easy.

And, if we keep in mind that it is relatively low priced (somewhere around $1000), the review conclusion is that this LCD is definitely something that you would like in your house.

Technical specifications

Viewable:54.64″ diagonal
Tuner:ATSC/Clear QAM Tuner
Response Time:5ms
Viewable Angle:178/178 degrees (horizontal/vertical)
Native Panel Resolution:1920 x 1080 pixels
Signal Compatibility:Supports 1080I(HDTV), 720P(HDTV), 480P(EDTV), 480I(SDTV)
Colors:1.06 Billion
Pixel/Dot Pitch:0.630mm x 0.630mm
SRS TruSurround HD:Yes
SRS TruVolume:Yes
SRS TruSurround XT:No
Computer Support:1920×1080, 1360×768, 800×600, 640×480 via VGA/HDMI
Display Compatibility:1080P(FHDTV)
Dynamic Contrast Ratio:10,000,000:1 w/DCR
Brightness:500 nits