Vizio XVT3D580CM


A new 3D HDTV

Since basically there is no more differentiation between TV sets these days (with the majority of them sharing the same features, specs, performance, price and so on), companies are doing everything they can think of to bring consumers something completely new. And it’s kind of hard to be 100% innovative nowadays. Vizio’s latest XVT3D580CM is one example of what came of this struggle of the famous manufacture. Watch this review to see if this model of a TV should be featured on your shopping list or ditched.

Cinemawide technology

To refresh its image, manufacturer Vizio created a new line of HDTVs that the team dubbed Cinemawide. The main pro of the models belonging to this series is their ability to deliver native images which are 2.35:1 and lack black bars when the user watches cinematic content.

There is also the possibility to watch movies in 16:9 contrast ratio on the display’s right side. We could do that, in our test, thanks to the set’s Internet Apps. And a friend of ours watched a football game on the left side if the screen.

Because this type of screen is fresh out of the oven, data about them still needs to be added. The release date for the XVT3D580CM is this October, even if an official price has not been let out so far.

The quality of images was good. The movies we watched on this TV did not lack brightness or vividness or great colors. Everything looked spotless. Viewing angles behaved as good ones would. All the while there was no blurring.Vizio-XVT3D580CM

Just 120Hz frequency

The kind of processing that this set has is 120Hz instead of the standard 480Hz and 240Hz. This is not something to boast, but the device has much more pixels that it needs to process. Which explains the low Hz included.

The remote we used to flip through channels and make changes was a Bluetooth Qwerty one. We liked it because it gave good feedback and the buttons were easy to press.

3D could not have missed from this kind of set. Luckily, the manufacturer offers consumers 4 3D glasses that include no battery. When we put them on, they gave a very good performance by offering no flickers. They support every single format that has to do with 3D. We took them to several movie theaters and they delivered the same good quality.

SRS Studio Sound HD

The sound we heard coming from the TV was offered by SRS Studio Sound HD. This technology is a special one. It was made to be employed on panels that are flat. The sound had great quality characterized by natural tones.

The display used by the Vizio XVT3D580CM comes with the edge-lit LED technology. It’s a good one, minus the uneven pictures we saw pretty often, which is a con. This technology is complete with a feature that is very useful: Smart Dimming.

We expected good quality from a Vizio HDTV and we certainly got it. The company’s newest XVT3D580CM and its ultra-display delivers really good value. Stretching will very well happen while watching something. The screen can be split in two: one of you can watch a movie while your friend can watch something else.

Review conclusion

Consumers who want an HDTV to play with applications or just watch films can set their eyes on the Vizio XVT3D580CM Razor LED set and be very satisfied with it. This device shows that it is possible of many lovely things.

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