Vizio VSB200


A soundbar with personality

A soundbar is a more than welcome gadget if you’re set on improving the sound of your home theater system with a tool that delivers a high definition quality to the sound, getting you closer to the song, movie or game you listen to, watch or play. The Vizio VSB200 ‎ is new on the market, but the performance is good and its ability to spurn loud commercials is one of the appealing charms. Everyone should test this device, like we did in this review.

Solid design

A soundbar is a type of gadget that shouldn’t draw attention to it, since you don’t buy it to admire it, but to have better sound. The Vizio VSB200 doesn’t really‎ respect this unwritten law, mainly because of the silver plate etched on it. The 4.3″ x 40″ x 4.8″ and 12.5 pounds are good measurements and weight, in a way that makes holding the device and moving it from here to there an easy operation. The soundbar is made of solid materials and acts accordingly. There’s a modern feel to it, blamable on the smooth and round edges. Shortly after taking it from its box, we tried to sit it up against our TV and it did so without falling over and dragging the table with it; one thing that looked wrong to us was how it stuck out a teensy bit because of the cables situated in the back center.Vizio-VSB200

Some remote control problems

The setting up of this product was over in a matter of mere minutes and we could start using it on the spot. The remote control featured with the Vizio VSB200 lost many points in our eyes, because it didn’t offer variation; there were no Stadium or Movie presets and, after several uses, the remote stopped working entirely. Trying to solve the problem on our own, we soon discovered the root of the issue, which turned out to be the actual soundbar and its protective foam used in the back of the speaker cover; or, more precisely, the area made of LED indicator lights that covers the soundbar’s sensor and makes activation of the remote impossible. Taking that cover off solved the problem.

The legs on which the soundbar sits are its stand and they can be reversed when the user decides to wall mount it, an operation that takes under 10 minutes. Looking for controls stopped when we discovered them on the product’s top; the right hand side was reserved for the LED indicator lights that we mentioned a paragraph earlier.VSB200

SRS Surround technology

Because the TV we used when testing the VSB200 was a 46″ Samsung flat screen, so its speakers were located in the rear, the output of the sound was phenomenal. Bass or treble or equalizer control is not featured by this soundbar, but our TV with its excellent audio controls for each of these 3 options got broadcasted by the VSB200 and enhanced. The SRS Surround technology integrated in the device performed much better when it was turned on. The product’s 2 3/4″ aluminum dome neodymium tweeters providing high performance and the additional 3″ high efficiency mid/bass transducers built by hand played their roles very well. Our one and only gripe had to do with the fact that we didn’t know whether the soundbar was on or off, because there was no light to tell us that.

Review conclusion

The Vizio VSB200 is a cheap soundbar – $99 from Walmart – with a good performance nonetheless. If you’ve never owned a device like this one before, you can start with the one we reviewed today.

Technical specifications

-Integrated Class-D Amplifier at 20×2 channel with 0.01% THD
-Speaker bar frequency response: 60Hz to 20kHz
-102db Dynamic range
-High-Performance 32-Bit 150MHz DSP Audio Engine
-SRS TruSurround HD virtual surround
-Two analog and 1 S/PDIF connectors
-SRS TruSurround HD signal processing on/off
-SRS TruVolume On/Off
-AC (100V-240V, 50-60Hz) Power Supply Connection to Speaker Bar
-Length: 39-5/8″
-Height: 4.67″ with stand, 3.69″ without stand
-Depth 4.26″ deep