Vizio VAP430 Stream Player


A gadget easy to use

On the 10th of January this year, Vizio went to the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Along with many other manufacturers. People behind many successful Vizio products wanted to go and surprise consumers with something new. This time, they chose VAP430 Stream Player ‎to announce and present. This gadget is a continuation for the past Logitech Revue and its capabilities. Only that this new release does things differently. Better. Many have said about it that it was a very advanced product. Is this really so? Let us see what our review showed after we tested the product.

Google TV alternative

The Logitech Revue did some great things on its own. But it was time for another gadget to appear and turn those great things into better ones. Enter the Vizio VAP430 Stream Player. If we were to extract the best pro of this device, it would be the fact that it is able to make TVs become Smart TVs. This product thinks of itself as an alternative to the one Blu-ray Google TV coming from Sony.

Any gadget ever made by whatever manufacturer has to somehow have an appealing exterior. If it’s not drop dead gorgeous, then it is simple and yet still attractive. The Vizio VAP430 is a part of the league of extraordinary offerings. Which we use to refer to beautiful products. This one’s style is enough to stick with you. It is a small object, but usually that is sure to make people even more curious about it. Vizio-VAP430-Stream-Player

QWERTY keyboard

Black and silver are the colors that predominate here. It is a combination which brings out the care invested in the designing of the product. Under it are four small feet. When we tested the VAP43, they were sufficient to actually protect the device from falling and breaking.

Apart from the stylish looks, the unit sports a touchpad universal remote control. Clasping it you will notice it has a QWERTY keyboard. Google TV content was very easy to navigate through. Same happened when we searched all over the Internet for an info. We went through no hiccups at all. Major pro right here.

Doing three or more tasks at the same time does not affect the overall performance of the VAP430 when we reviewed it. It does its job as usual and it can do it thanks to HDMI-pass-through for the device’s integrated HDMI ports.

WiFi access

DLNA is perfectly covered on this TV. Through it consumers can watch videos, look at pics and so on that are on mobile devices, PCs and other products enabled with DLNA. If you want your buyers to keep a strong interest in your gadgets, then you as a manufacturer have to also offer built-in Wi-Fi. The Vizio VAP43 sticks to that way of thinking and offers this option. Creating a connection to the World Wide Web was an operation that only took a couple of seconds. And it did not throw us out, not even once. The support for Bluetooth was also capable to provide ways of keeping us entertained while using a smartphone or a comp. USB input is on the house.

As web browser, the device uses Google’s Chrome. It can show content with Flash besides all the normal pages.

Review conclusion

The Vizio VAP430 Stream Player has a shot at being quickly accepted by the majority of people who are into something like this product.

  1. Sonia at 12:07 pm

    I like very much the remote of this gadgets. I think is a good idea to be used for all Vizio devices, too. The player is fast and easy to use. I love it ! 🙂