Vizio Thin and Light CT14-A2


Vizio has always been a manufacturer which produced both good and bad devices. Nowadays the new buzz is about their recently released Thin and Light CT14-A2. The latter is quite a sight to see when it comes to laptops. Because this device goes to show that the company spent a lot of quality time to make it. It has a lot of specs, features and other goodies that will make every consumer fall in love with it at first look. But enough of that, this review will tell you what we thought about this laptop after submitting it to our usual tests.

Impressive features

Before starting our review with the sort of design the Vizio CT14-A2 features, let’s see what its specs and so on are. This laptop sports a 1.9GHz Intel Core i7-3517U CPU, a 14″ screen, Intel HD4000 GPU, 4GB, 1,333MHz DDR3 of memory, 3.4 pounds, dimensions of 13.3″ x 9.2″, a Windows 7 Home Premium operating system (though it’s the 64-bit version) and a 256GB SSD / solid state hard drive.

Now on with the looks of the Vizio CT14-A2. This model has many design qualities that make it look original. First off, it’s not drowned in unnecessary things. It’s straightforward and simple in general appearance. Its finish is painted silver and gray, a fact which makes this laptop look classy, despite its overall simplicity. Thanks to its lightness, we could easily move from room to room while carrying this device.Vizio-CT14-A2

The latest Vizio laptop boasts a display which is able to perform admirably. For one, its resolution is 1,600 x 900 pixels. This is more than enough to assure great pro points, such as lovely colors and brightness levels.

Pleasant keyboard

The touchpad of this model is a click-pad one. We could perform gestures implying the use of more than one finger without problems. But then again, clicking the right side of the mouse proved difficult in terms of feedback.

If you are a fan of island-style keyboards, there is no such thing here. Which is another detail that makes the CT14-A2 different than all the other laptops. We liked working with the keyboard’s buttons for this review. But one thing that took away from the experience a bit was the flex we noticed from these keys.

Connectivity is provided for by the following ports: HDMI, Bluetooth, 2 USB 3.0, 802.11n Wi-Fi and a headphone jack. It would have been nice to also see one Ethernet port, one SD card slot and an SD card reader.

Medium quality speakers

Because the graphics unit is not a discrete version, games that belong to the high-end category will kill the laptop’s GPU.

The stereo speakers that the Thin and Light CT14-A2 packs are not good enough. The quality of the sound they offer is not the best out there. You will definitely need a good pair of headphones to get better sound results.

The processor is ideal if you plan on using this laptop for more than mere movie-watching or other simple daily activities. There were no instances where this CPU sucked. We did not even get lags or freezes.

The warranty that comes with this ultrabook is for 2 years. Which is nice. We cannot say the same about the battery. In tests, it survived for a total amount of 4 hours. Much less than other laptops of its kind.

Review conclusion

The Vizio Thin + Light CT14-A2 is pretty much a great laptop to use. No device is without faults, but this one has fewer than usual.