Vizio E320VA


A new 32 inch LCD HD TV from Vizio

For those of you looking for a cheap HDTV, Vizio is coming to the rescue with its newest model, the Vizio E320VA. According to the company, this device supposedly “delivers superior picture and audio quality at an amazing value.” Does the product rise up to its claim? Find out the answer from our review below.

720p HD resolution

The latest Vizio E320VA is a sleek and thin black device with elegant overall look. It measures 8.5″ x 30.6″ x 21.7″ and weighs 10.3kg. The front comes with a 32″ LCD panel with a native panel resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels, 1.06 billion colors, 8ms response time and 50.000:1 dynamic contrast ratio. The 720p gave us the possibility to watch content – be it movies or TV programs – in HD quality. The dynamic contrast ratio was enough, when we tested the TV, for producing, through dimensions and contrast, brighter whites along with good black levels; the latter were improved when compared to those on the device’s predecessors. Also, this spec provided beautiful and vibrant colors which radiated off the screen and offered great viewing experience. The 1.06 billion colors helped the TV attain natural-looking images. Vizio-E320VA

Slow response time panel

The newest E320VA from Vizio also sports a preinstalled ambient light sensor; during our test for this review, this feature did a great job of controlling fluctuations in the brightness and auto-adjust it so that the product obtained the best picture. Unfortunately, the low refresh rate and slow response time translated into blurs whenever we played games or watched a fast-paced movie or a sports competition; what is more, the 720p wasn’t a too pleasant experience, because we couldn’t watch movies at their full capacity on a Blu-ray player.
When talking about viewing angles, Vizio is known for its superior technologies which distribute and hold color so that users will view content in the best of conditions wherever they may sit.

Good viewing angles

The Vizio E320VA is no exception to that rule; the device has a viewing angle of 178 degrees. We could look at it from both horizontal and vertical directions and we weren’t disappointed: the TV gave us good views and we were pleased to see that the edges of colors weren’t washed-out.
What we didn’t like about the new TV was the fact that it gave delays whenever we flipped through channels: the picture and the sound each took one second to appear. Also, the E320VA LCD TV is not DLNA and THX certified and the product is not 3D ready or Wi-Fi capable. There’s no built-in Blu-ray or DVD player.

SRS TruSurround technology

In the sound department, the TV boasts SRS TruSurround, TruVolume and a pair of speakers with 20 Watts of total output power. Despite the two technologies, the sound quality wasn’t that great.
Connectivity options are good. This TV sports 1 USB and 4 HDMI which allow users to easily hook gaming consoles, digital cameras, DVD players and many more to the TV.
For environmentally conscious people, the device exceeds the current ENERGY STAR 4.1 by using 58% less electricity when compared to standard TVs; it is also energy efficient: estimated annual electricity use is 3.4 kWh per inch of screen size.

Review conclusion

All in all our conclusion, after the test performed for this review is that the newest Vizio E320VA is a nice TV at an affordable price.

Technical specifications

* 50,000 to 1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio
* Exceeds Energy Star 4.0 guidelines
* SRS TruVolume and SRS TruSurround HD audio for advanced virtual surround sound
* Four HDMI ports
* Ambient Light Sensing technology

  1. Helen Frey at 3:36 pm

    Where do you plus headphones on the back of this TV. My son said in the output but the only place I saw was an input right and left?