Vizio CA27-A1


From what we know and tested ourselves, Vizio has never produced a desktop PC so far. But here they are now with the spunky new $1,149 CA27-A1. It is made of many nice things, but also some cons. Without telling you more in this short prologue, we will proceed with our review that will disclose our feelings on this device. They are all based, as usual, on first-hand experience. Enjoy.

A new 27 inch All In one Desktop PC

From a quick glance at the specs that ship with the CA27-A1, we gathered the following: there is a 27″ display, a 2.3 GHz Intel Core i3 processor, 1920 x 1080 pixels, an Intel HD Graphics 4000 graphics card, 4GB of RAM, Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium as OS and a storage capacity made of 1000GB.

Options to connect this device to others exist here, too. The user can opt between the following: 4 USB 3.0 ports, a pair of HDMI ports, one SD Card reader and one eSATA port. But the lack of a generous amount of USB ports is not going to be appreciated by all of you. But those 2 HDMI ports makes it worth the while. With their help we were lucky enough to connect two additional products: a game console and a cable box.

As soon as we took this device out to review it, we saw a remote control. Without it, you are pretty much lost, so keep it close at any time. And if you don’t like its buttons’ shallowness, opt for another desktop PC. As it is, this remote works well. It is able to easily allow for switching between things like power, video input source and so on. We cannot even begin to say how much we disliked the touchpad. Out of all the ones we’ve tested, this one was the one with most lagging.Vizio-CA27-A1

Without Blu-Ray and DVD player

The thinness of the desktop’s base unit is due to the fact that the power supply was placed with the device’s external subwoofer. Because of that, we had to always keep the subwoofer connected to a computer. If you don’t mind some jitter now and then because of tilting the product’s screen, then it’s OK. If not, then you always have other alternatives for a desktop PC.

The CA27-A1 completely lacks both a Blu-ray player and a DVD player. So we had to grab a dedicated player from the nearest store. These two can also be replaced by a connected game console or an external PC optical drive.

By getting yourself this model, you are going to have to buy either a Bluetooth or a USB pair of speakers. This is due to the poor sound quality delivered by this unit’s subwoofer. The major problem was with both high and low tones. In each of the cases, sound had the habit of losing the right fidelity.

The processor could not handle complex tasks. By way of illustration: all of the tasks we used on it offered bad results. That included things like processing of iTunes MP3.

Review conclusion

Vizio did not really hit the jackpot when they decided to unleash their CA27-A1 on us. The cons outweigh the pros on this model. If you are one for trying out an affordable all-in-one device, then you will be satisfied with this one. However, if you are the type of customer bent on a device with a great performance, then avoid the CA27-A1.