ViewSonic VX2703mh-LED


Who wants to read a review about a monitor we just stumbled upon? All of our readers? Good, then today we are going to introduce the $300 ViewSonic VX2703mh-LED to our readers. According to the company who created this device, it comes with all sorts of visual and performance delicacies. Since we are not ones to believe something – especially about a new product – just like that, we set on the quest of testing this model on our own. And then publish the results of our adventure here. And so, without babbling anymore, let us see if this product is actually what it’s made into by clever advertisers.

We are starting this review with a mention about the specs we found on the ViewSonic VX2703mh-LED. Which look good. Whoever buys this monitor will also get the following included: a 27″ widescreen LED, a response time of only 3 ms, 1,920 x 1,080 pixels for its resolution, a 10M:1 MEGA dynamic contrast ratio, integrated SRS Premium Sound speakers and built-in power. Apart from these, we did not really see any really important ones worthy of a mention. But even if they do not look like much, they are actually indispensable if you want a performance that isn’t the usual poor one.

A 27 inch Eco monitor

The ports, inputs, jacks and other such options for connectivity matters depend on the following list that includes the likes of HDMI, DVI and VGA inputs. Also in the bargain you get HDCP support for your needs.

The ViewSonic created its VX2703mh-LED so as to provide consumers with a monitor that wouldn’t consume a lot of energy. So that we wouldn’t pollute the environment as much as we do with other monitors. To that avail, the manufacturer integrated this model with an Eco mode. Once turned on, it helps the monitor achieve a 40% in energy saving. That is a very good value for such a device.ViewSonic-VX2703mh

The screen of this device, a 27″ one in case you forgot, comes with a bezel that is way thinner than others in the same category. It was a very enjoyably view looking at this kind of screen. This thinness made it a great addition to both our working and our living space alike. In fact, this monitor is able to find a nice spot in any type of room and look good while at it.

Mercury-free panel

The warranty that ViewSonic included in the package is three years. But it is a limited one. However, there is a policy called pixel performance. This means that the company promises to deliver the best visual performance ever. Which did happen throughout the duration of our battery of tests.

Not only is this VX2703mh-LED among the best monitors to be used in either an office or at home, it is also really great if you only want to use the Internet. And that is because it sports a wide array of video inputs for your entertainment.

No product is complete without having some or many more features to boast about. This model fits in the latter category. But we won’t write about all of its features. Instead, we will mention those features that we found especially good. The mercury-free display, the possibility to mount the monitor on a wall and the automatic aspect ratio adjustment were the most important in our agenda.

Review conclusion

ViewSonic and its VX2703mh-LED makes for a really nice monitor that will capture many hearts.