ViewSonic VX2460h-LED


A slim 24 inch monitor

Everything nowadays seems to want to be thin. From people to gadgets. Now not only smartphones, TVs and tablets are slim, monitors also aim at being thinner than they were. ViewSonic caught on and manufactured what is their slimmest monitor to date: the £159.00 VX246h-LED. Is it as great as it is skinny? We invite you to find out from our following review.

Twisted Nematic panel

The impression that the ViewSonic VX2460h-LED leaves is powerful. This is a monitor that is only 6.8mm thick. It gives the feeling that it can break very easily. But it didn’t when we tested it. If looked at from its front, the device is not that appealing. Because in its quest to be as thin as possible, this model ended with its internals squeezed around the panel’s outside. This means there’s a wide bezel to deal with, which is also glossy.

The latest ViewSonic monitor can easily tilt. It cannot, however, rotate and be adjusted. Impact can easily affect the stability of the stand. Doing some typing made the display wobble.

Connectivity matters are covered by HDMI ports, a 3.5mm headphone jack and one VGA port.ViewSonic-VX2460h-LED

The panel is not of the IPS type. It is a TN one. Basically, this translates into great response time instead of wide viewing angles and accurate colors. This panel’s response time was, in the tests we did, 2ms. Viewing angles on this model: 170 degree by 160 degree.

Full HD resolution

The amount of brightness offered by the VX2460h-LED is 250 cd/m2. Dynamic contrast ratio is 40,000,000:1.

In order to attract users concerned about the environment, this monitor sports 3 phrase ECO mode along with LED backlighting that has no mercury in its composition.

The resolution of the 24″ VX2460h-LED is 1920 x 1080 pixels. This monitor uses an imaging technology called ClearMotiv II. There is anti-glare hard coating on the panel. This means that direct sunlight doesn’t affect visibility.

Despite this being a TN panel, we have to confess that we loved its viewing angles. Contrast and color look great. Our eyes did not hurt at all in the process. And reproduction of colors was good.

Easy to use menus

The menus on the screen of the monitor are extremely easy to use. They come with many options of adjusting them to get the best out of this device. To enjoy an excellent Internet experience, book reading and care for the environment, we used the product’s Optimize setting and Eco saving option.

Since this is a TN panel, response time was faster than if this were an IPS panel. The 2ms it managed was great. Games and videos did not lag or get blurs. So gamers will get a kick out of this monitor.

ViewSonic’s newest VX2460h-LED monitor is not the type to attract millions of consumers. But the 6.8mm depth it boasts is mind-blowing. The device’s performance does not suck at all. Colour reproduction is both consistent and even. There is excellent response time, compared with other reviewed devices. The bezel will be a drawback, since it’s glossy and reflective. And the price will affect its consumer response. And it does not have an IPS panel. The stand is not at all stable.

Review conclusion

All of this will most likely be serious cons that consumers will not want to get over. Because nowadays it is all about being as perfect a gadget as any. So ViewSonic better improve the VX2460h-LED somehow.