ViewSonic VX2336s-LED


A 23 inch PC monitor

Today’s last ViewSonic gadget that we’re going to review is called VX2336s-LED. The manufacturer has been very busy lately. And it shows in the number of products it recently introduced. ViewSonic has some very interesting aces down its gadget sleeve and this new monitor will attract all kinds of people. But in particular those who don’t want an ugly design to spoil their room. They’re in luck, because the VX2336s-LED is anything but ugly. So come on over, read our review and draw your own conclusions.

Full ergonomic adjustments

We’ve seen our fair share of monitors until now. Few were really both gorgeous in looks and blessed with a world-moving performance. ViewSonic’s VX2336s-LED will jump at you first with its looks. They’re very polished and refined, not to say elegant. It’s one of the few monitors to make such a deep impression on us with its design. The impression that you’re face to face with a beauty is first given by the shape; the frame is curved in such a way that it draws attention and the surface is mirrored and painted black. The stand won’t resist your desire to adjust it; because it comes with full ergonomic ability to adjust. The dimensions ViewSonic chose for this model are the best; through them, the device gets to be carried by its owner with the uttermost ease. After all, today’s monitors are becoming slimmer and more lightweight than 10 years ago.Viewsonic-VX2336S-LED

Impressive contrast ratio

We always look for great viewing angles in a product. This one didn’t shatter our expectations: 178 degrees was the maximum. And it’s such a good value. We could practically sit on the left, on the right, below and above and still get the most out of the VX2336s-LED. The technology that makes this possible is also the reason behind another attractive side to this monitor’s specs; dark colors get to have superb grays, so the contrast ratio is higher than normal. That means that only true blacks are delivered and colors are very deep. If you’re a video editor, a graphic designers or a pro at printing, the device will make your work that much easier.

Tests further provided other reasons to go nuts over the VX2336s-LED. Its dynamic contrast ratio was breathtaking; its power was such, that details and clarity were something we waited to see for a long time in a monitor. And these happen not only when watching movies, but also when playing a game or doing a project work-related.

LED backlight

Since we’re in 2012, this product has backlighting. This is a technology which is behind all the good things in a monitor. It makes the already outstanding image quality even more astounding. If that’s even possible. And you’ll see a great change in your monthly bills: the device consumes little power. This backlight has a sidekick in the dynamic contrast ratio. The latter made colors and everything else even more drool-worthy. All the effects are drowning in vibrancy and what you get is amazing performance.

ViewSonic minds the environment, so it added an Eco mode on this model. To obtain that, it didn’t add mercury in its composition. Also, your eyes won’t get tired as easily as on other monitors.

Review conclusion

The ViewSonic VX2336s-LED restored our faith in monitors. After testing some really time-wasting models, this one is finally another example of how things should be done. So that’s that, go and get yourself this device while it’s still available.

Technical specifications

Display resolution1920 x 1080 pixels
Aspect ratio16:09
Screen size (diagonal)23 inches
SurfaceMatte / Anti-glare
Viewing angle (horizontal)178 °
Video inVGA, DVI
Total weight7.12 pounds
Width21.57 inches
Depth2.36 inches
Height13.62 inches

  1. Noelle at 4:59 pm

    Because the monitor is mercury free, I will purchase it. The people must think at the environment and the future when they decide to buy a product.