ViewSonic VX2250WM-LED


A new 22 inch monitor from ViewSonic

Viewsonic screens are relatively an unknown subject for me. This is why, as we don’t have too much access at these screens, every time we am asked to review such a monitor, we can not refuse. Take, for instance, ViewSonic VX2250WM-LED: it is one of the newest monitors released on the market. Curious to see a VX2250WM-LED test and review? Then follow us on the next lines.

Full HD resolution

ViewSonic-VX2250WM-LEDFirst of all, the monitor is a relatively large one, with a size of 21.5 inches(55 cm on diagonal). According to the product specifications, it is able of running a full HD image at a resolution 1920*1080, fact that is quite impressive, considering the fact that ViewSonic hasn’t that much popularity, therefore it isn’t an A-lister.

Good viewing angles

Now, at the first sight, VX2250WM-LED looks classy as it compiles a black business case with a high view angle (that can hit up to 178 degrees). That’s quite impressive if you ask me, mainly because we didn’t expect to see these characteristics at a brand we’ve barely heard of in the past. However, we was a bit disappointed to see that VX2250WM-LED doesn’t have a HDMI jack. However, in our tests it is 100% compatible for running DVI-D inputs, as well as VGA inputs.

As concerning it’s quality, the screen offers a high contrast of 10,000,000:1. From this point of view, ViewSonic can’t compete with the other top screen producers who produce monitors capable of showing a 50,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, but for the average Joe user, it should be enough. Nothing to say bad here, neither.

Medium performance panel

As concerning its LED based technology, there are used LED backlights instead of the usual CCFL technology, mainly in order to reduce the consumed energy. However, the provided brightness of 250 cd per meter square doesn’t bring anything new, fact that reminds that ViewSonic VX2250WM LED is, after all, an average screen (considering the A-listers from its niche) but who offers, though, a pretty improved brightness and sharpness. The fact that the screen is somehow near to average is also proved by the response time, which is 5ms. Even though this can not be such a big disadvantage, the other monitors released in 2011 have a response time of 1 ms. This can mean 2 things: either ViewSonic doesn’t have the necessary technology, or they just wanted to keep the price down.

One more thing: this monitor comes with 2 W speakers, which despite their power, act and sound well, especially in HD mode. The test performed for this review shows a medium quality of the provided sound.


Review conclusions

So, considering that the price is somewhere around $200 and that it is full HD, VX2250WM-LED from ViewSonic is a pretty good deal, especially for those that want a big screen for them, but that are restricted by a tight budget.