Viewsonic VP2765-LED


A 27 inch professional monitor

Professionals working in the fields of medical applications, design, video and architecture have a new toy to play and experiment with. The $518 Viewsonic VP2765-LED underwent some major changes in build and features and what resulted is a monitor with an AMVA panel that doesn’t give off the impression of being delicate. It comes with some flaws of its own, naturally, but overall this is a device that won’t let you down after only several days or weeks of use. Here’s what we learned from reviewing the product.

Simple design

You won’t get as much serious and powerful looks from any other monitor sold this year as you’ll get from the Viewsonic VP2765-LED. The simplicity of its design will make you fall in love with it, even if you love more evolved, so to say, monitors where looks are concerned. The glossy surface of many of its competitors attract fingerprints as easy as if they were magnets, but the VP2765-LED takes care of not falling into that category by being covered in plastic. The stand used for support has the shape of a bird’s claws and it supports the 8.5kg of the monitor without falling down under this immense weight. It not only does that, it is also very functional; in the tests we performed for this review, the stand could help the device swivel around, tilt, turn and move it both up and down to great extents.Viewsonic-VP2765-LED

AMVA panel

The panel of the VP2765-LED is in more ways better than the standard IPS and TN. The improvement in the viewing angles and lovely colors offered by this kind of AMVA panel was evident, so this goes to show that tradition should be broken more often. When we looked at the display the normal way, the colors, blacks and contrast looked even better than they did in the various angles we watched them from and no light bleeding ruined the movie we were watching. Reflections were nowhere to be seen.

The options of customizing the images on the screen are ready for you to access them via some keys. They were cumbersome to open at first, but when they did work with us, they offered options such as manual RGB adjustments, temperature modes, dials for brightness/sharpness/contrast and everything else in between. The LED backlight is the monitor’s way of saying “I consume less than other monitors.” The time it took for the display to respond was disappointing: 27 ms. And yet, this is not a device for playing games, so the slow speed shouldn’t come as a complete surprise. Still, if you’re a person who makes a living out of doing graphics, the not so good speed and the 1080p panel might make you look for some other monitor.

Without HMDI port

The ViewSonic VP2765-LED is different from other devices when it comes to connectivity issues; on this model you’ll see a complete lack of HMDI, internal speakers and also 3D. But we got along just fine with what was given us.

Along the period of testing came another issue: video playback. Several ghosting phenomena marred the performance and movie scenes with slow paces were quite a problem for the monitor.

Review conclusion

All these being said, the Viewsonic VP2765-LED has all that it takes in terms of the way it’s built and the quality of the images it displays, but professional designers or architects won’t find it a reliable enough device for their work.

Technical specifications

Panel resolution1920×1080
Screen characteristics23.5″ horizontal x 13.2″ vertical; 27″ diagonal
Type27″ Color TFT active matrix AMVA LED
Contrast Ratio3000:1 static (typ), 20,000,000:1 dynamic
Response Time25ms (typ)
Brightness300 cd/m2 (typ)
Viewing Angles178º horizontal, 178 vertical @ contrast ratio > 10:1
FrequencyFh: 24~83kHz, Fv: 50~75Hz
PCVGA up to 1920×1080 non-interlaced
Analog/Digital15-pin mini D-sub / DVI-D / DisplayPort
PowerInternal power; 3-pin AC plug (CEE22)
USBV2.0, 1-up/4-down
Dimensions25.3″ x 18.3″ x 15.3″ (642mm x 466mm x 388mm)
Total weight18.6 lb. (8.5 kg)