ViewSonic VP2365wb


A 23 inch PC monitor

ViewSonic are making a comeback with their new $350 VP2365wb. It is by no means a perfect monitor, but from the tests we did we can say that it’s not a miserable product, either. And should you opt for better quality, there are always other products to look at. This one packs both pros and cons, like any other device. In our review we will concentrate on both of them. Have a look at it and see if you like it.

Interesting design

ViewSonic’s latest VP2365wb monitor comes with a good-looking design. Its bezel has the following characteristics: it’s thin, painted black and matte. No fingerprints will settle on its surface, we checked that ourselves. The chassis does not look like it would withstand shocks, since its build is fragile-looking. The display’s rear makes the depth of the device reach 2.5″. Also, the back is the place where the ventilation system, options for connectivity and backlight sit.

The footstand is circular and has a diameter of 9″. Its build is not at all solid; if you knock it a bit, it starts to wobble. It will only fall if you hit it really hard.ViewSonic-VP2365wb

Full HD resolution supported

On the screen we noticed a frosty matte finish that has a coating against annoying glare effects. The panel is capable of swiveling 360 degrees; tilting it back is also an option. The display button array on the device’s onscreen has a number of 4 keys. They are well-spaced. Options for the onscreen display are many; some of them: sRGB, color options, Dynamic Contrast and many others. Video connection options are fewer: USB downstream ports, DVI, one upstream port and VGA. The USB ports are harder to reach than the other options.

The screen of the VP2365wb has an aspect ratio of 16:9. The resolution it supports is a full HD native one: 1,920×1,080 pixels.

On the whole, the performance and specs of the latest ViewSonic monitor are good. Our uniformity and color tests showed that the image quality was very watchable. But the con we found distracting was the lack of vibrancy because of the faulty brightness of the monitor: 203 candelas per square meter. We played a couple of games on the product and they looked very good. We saw absolutely no input lag and no ghosting.

3 years of warranty

Viewing angles were also a pro. Since the VP2365wb uses an E-IPS panel, color shifts were minimal when the angle was changed. The screen of this monitor did not get dark when we looked at it from below.

Power consumption was not that significant. We registered an amount of 40.14W when the Default/On mode was used. We did some math and reached the conclusion that you will pay about $12.32 annually to use this monitor. It’s more than what the recently reviewed XL2370 would cost: $9.96. But still, it’s less than other monitors.

Support and service with the VP2365wb are both solid. There is a 24/7 free of charge technical support phone number, a warranty of 3 years that covers backlight, labor and parts and, finally, help via e-mail. One thing that’s missing is support via Web chat. But if you go looking for an online user manual and drivers, you will find them quickly.

Test conclusion

The price of the ViewSonic VP2365wb means the consumer gets a 23-inch E-IPS screen, above acceptable performance and also 5 USB ports. On the other hand, the level of brightness is not something of greatness. If you want better quality, try some alternatives. Like Dell’s SP2309W.