ViewSonic VA2448-LED


A new 24 inch budget monitor

Once again ViewSonic doesn’t forget to make an appearance with another device: the VA2448-LED monitor that people who are on a budget can easily afford. It may be released this year, but it sure doesn’t come with many features. And the ones it does have are pretty much what every other monitor packs. Except a HDMI input and speakers. And some other things. We nonetheless tested it and this review here is what came of it all.

Limited connectivity options

The ViewSonic VA2448-LED is a 24″ full high definition monitor. Its looks could have been way better than they actually are. But, as they present themselves, they are decent. We did not enjoy its glossy plastic black edges, because they had nothing modern about them. The device’s triangular scoop on the bottom edge brings a difference if compared to the majority of nowadays’ displays that are black and glossy. The VA2448-LED comes with a stand that can only tilt.

Its connectivity options are made of the following: DVI and VGA. The product is missing some really important options, such as HDMI, speakers, and USB hub. Fortunately, this monitor sports support for HDCP. This means that the user can connect HDMI devices via a cheap HDMI to DVI cable. The irony is that ViewSonic did not forget to add one VGA cable with the device. Another good pro is the fact that power supply is integrated. A third pro is that the connectivity options are all on the front.ViewSonic-VA2448-LED

Slow responsiveness

All of the product’s controls sit on the back and they look good. Usually, the majority of touch-sensitive buttons make watching something on a screen distracting, because they are hard to find. Also, another unnerving thing is that touch-sensitive systems reply after a very long time, which ruins the whole experience. We didn’t have to go through that in our analysis.

The monitor’s menu had everything we needed from it. However, if you want to modify the temperature of colors, for instance, you are offered choices the likes of user mode and sRGB. Sadly, the LCD panel only has a 1,000:1 native contrast and the dynamic contrast does not change things. A con we really didn’t want to see was whenever there was a change in brightness levels. Because it was very much distracting.

Easy to use

Even if we noticed all these issues, they paled in comparison to the actual performance of images on screen. Colors did not appear dull or over-saturated, but natural instead. We performed a couple of test pics; they showed no issues when we looked at them afterwards. Blurs were nonexistent and contrast was more than fine. Watching a movie or playing a game did not make the monitor perform bad. Motion did not come with lags or judder.

We also checked the VA2448-LED by connecting 2 PCs to it. To our great delight, we could easily switch between the DVI and the VGA inputs. Likewise, after you hit the buttons for Up and Down, you are offered direct access to the monitor’s contrast and brightness options. For reducing power consumption (aka level of brightness, in fact), you have 2 options: Conserve and Optimize.

Test conclusion

The ViewSonic VA2448-LED is not the kind of monitor fit for consumers who want something more pretentious. This device lacks some important things, but if you look at the big picture you’ll see that it’s not an awful monitor. It does its job well and doesn’t annoy you that much.