Viewsonic VA2231WM-LED


Viewsonic is a never ending source of new gadgets. If you are fed up with gadgets such as tablets and smartphones or are a fan of TV sets, then this company has something new for you. Their $140 VA2231WM-LED is all sorts of nice. But of course there are cons, as well. We will touch upon these and the device’s pros in today’s review.

Weak sound quality

The Viewsonic VA2231WM-LED is a 21.5 inch TN+ panel. Its resolution packs a total amount of 1,902 x 1,080 pixels. There are also speakers and they feature 2W. The thickness of this TV set is 2.5″. The width of the product’s bezels is 0.76″. According to these measurements, the unit is not very slim. Anyway, its main color is black and the whole design looks nice. And we could tilt the panel any way we wanted to.

In the connectivity department, this monitor features the following inputs, ports and other options: 1 audio-in jack, 1 VGA and 1 DVI. That is all; there is no USB port, no HDMI input and no webcam. But you are offered VGTA and DVI cables straight from the box. Warranty extends over a period of 3 years.

If you want the best sound ever, the speakers on this model may disappoint you. If, instead, you want good sound, they are fine. We tested their power and they performed well in this review.Viewsonic-VA2231WM-LED

Overall, visual quality is on the good side. Every dark gray shade was delivered accordingly. The VA2231wm-LED provides bright, bold colors and dark blacks. However, when there were grays of a light hue they would look white. Reading text of small dimension was a bit of a challenge since it was not that clear. Skin tones had a natural appearance. Generally, colors had a really good quality. We also saw proof of washed out details because of how the light grays were delivered.

Low energy consumer

You don’t get that many picture settings on the VA2231wm-LED. What you are offered are the following: Contrast, 3 ECO mode settings, User, Brightness, 5 Color Temperature presets (sRGB, 9300k, 7500k, 6500k, 5000k) and Dynamic Contrast Ratio. There is a Conserve mode and when it’s turned on, it means that the brightness of the display won’t be as great as without it. And yet, this is not a major con. Thanks to the previous mode and two other ones called Standard and Optimize, this TV set consumes only 15W, 12W and, finally, 17W. Which, in turn, make the VA2231wm-LED gain a sought after approval, which is that of Greentech.

From an off angle point of view, the screen still looked good when we looked at it in tests. The pixel response that we got from this system was five-millisecond pixel for black-to-white. This meant that game playing was shown in a smooth manner. We noticed some shifting of color in the off angle. But we did not observe blurring and neither did we see ghosting.

Review conclusion

If you want a TV that does not cost a lot, then the newest Viewsonic VA2231wm-LED should be among your choices. This set is also known to consume a whole less amount of energy than others. Sure, it lacks some connectivity options, but it makes up for that by performing really well when it comes to black levels, colors and also brightness. Also, the number of features is not that vast. But still, this TV should not be thrown aside.