ViewSonic V350


A smartphone with 2 SIM cards

Technology is known to progress almost from day to day. So manufacturers have to keep up with the times they live in. Smartphones in particular get a huge chunk of today’s shares and their producers have to constantly make them better than last year or the past two years. Consumers for the most part own several smartphones. But no smartphone has had up until now 2 SIM cards slots. The £200 ViewSonic V350 is the first one to feature that. And not to say that it operates on the Android 2.2. Below is a review we wrote after putting this smartphone through several tests.

5MP camera

The ViewSonic V350 is somewhere in the middle design-wise. We can’t say it’s ugly, but we can’t say it’s gorgeous, either. So let’s just say it’s a decent-looking smartphone and that’s that. The front offers a stylish view, with corners that are round, not square; so you won’t accidentally hurt your fingers when handling it. The finish is black and silver, something today’s smartphones don’t really sport. On the rear is placed a finish that’s textured to make the device a pleasure to hold. During our tests, the V350 didn’t feel slippery at all. And even if it did fall from our hand it didn’t sustain important damage. To snap pics quickly there’s a camera on the same back; it has a lens that’s pretty large than usual and a 5MP sensor.ViewSonic-V350

One of the reasons we said it’s a decent-looking smartphone is the thickness. Take a look at major manufacturers and you’ll see them opt for insanely slimmer models. But not ViewSonic. Theirs is a device that doesn’t want to impress in that area; all it wants to do is to draw attention to its unique 2 SIM cards slots.

Accurate colors

Worthy of a mention is the V350’s screen. It won’t gain points with a superb resolution; but it will gain them with being fully functional. Reading text was easy, no issues there. But what bugged us the most was motion blur; especially when scrolling through menus. Amazingly, bright light outside didn’t affect visibility. Not at all. Which we seriously think is awesome, seeing as some of the more expensive models struggle with that. Colors were so very accurate and beautiful. The keyboard provided some very accurate typing and not an ounce of frustration.

If you can’t stand lags, don’t even think about buying this smartphone: it will do that quite a couple of times.

Not impressive camera

But in the end of our review it’s all about the dual-SIM possibility of the V350 and its specs, baby. That means you’ll be able to send whatever data via one connection and use another one to talk to someone. Configuration is easy-peachy, so you can comfortably choose what SIM you want to chose for what purpose. If we were to pick a weakness here, it would be the following: the status bar won’t show you very clearly the kind of coverage. Only the SIM we used for Internet stuff did that.

The camera is not a feature to be much mentioned; the photos it takes don’t look anything like what you’d want. Playing music on this smartphone was, for lack of a better word, a truly “wow” experience. Likewise the call quality. We heard our friend’s voice loud and clear and they said the same about the quality of our voice.

Review conclusion

The ViewSonic V350 won’t be the source of much complaint if you plan on getting it. The clear advantage will be its dual-SIM characteristic.