ViewSonic PLED-W500


A projector with glossy design

Many a time has passed since we reviewed a projector, so today we’ll concentrate on this type of gadget that seems to have lost its once great charm and popularity after the birth of the smartphone, the tablet and other devices used for watching online movies, clips, photos and so on. If you’re going on vacation this Christmas and New Year’s Eve and want to while away time while sitting cozily in front of the fireplace, the $776 PLED-W500 projector created by ViewSonic is a more than good choice. Or, if you want to do a presentation at work, this product is still one to consider thanks to its portability.

1280 x 800 pixel resolution

Customers who love elegant black projectors will certainly develop a crush when they’ll lock eyes with the ViewSonic PLED-W500 that has a silver trim and glossy finish. This is a very light gadget with its 2 kg and comes in a soft case offering a lot of space for the cables it ships with.
The classy exterior of this product finds the perfect ally in the number of very good features come to keep users entertained to the fullest. Testing the PLED-W500 revealed the fact that this projector was quite unique among its peers, in the sense that it could work without us having to connect it to a laptop. The number of pixels making up the resolution is a native 1280 x 800 and the aspect ratio is 16:10. After our tests for this review we came to the conclusion that the above specifications produced bright and clear images oozing a special kind of charm that drew us in immediately after turning the device on.ViewSonic-PLED-W500

Remote control included

The fact that the ViewSonic’s latest projector model is one for multi purposes means that customers are able to use the 1024 x 768 and 1280 by 720 formats and by doing that there won’t be any visible interpolation of pixels on a digital level; it also means that apps belonging to entertainment and business areas get the same quality. We spotted no way to control the zoom of the on-screen image; this only worked when we placed the projector in a certain way on the desk.

Similar to other such gadgets, the PLED-W500 sports a remote control that is great to use and features a laser pointer for added assistance help. Unfortunately the keys on the remote control aren’t illuminated, so it will be a bit hard to use this projector in rooms that are dark. ANSI lumens on this gadget were only 500, so we had to resort to dimming the lights whenever we wished to present our review to a big screen size.

3D content compatible

Once in PC mode during our Datacolor Sypder 3 calibrator test, the product delivered images that were at once bright and easy to comprehend, albeit with limited colors. With the exception of that, everything looked smooth and very watchable. In the mode called Movie, things got a little confusing, meaning that there was dimness on the display but at the same time great colors, natural-looking skin tones and reduced noise.

Memory serves its purpose by bringing 1GB into the picture for use. Music files, stills, office docs and other important data can be stored on the PLED-W500 and the gadget offers the option of opening documents from a hard drive or, even better, a USB flash drive. Video mode offers support for different formats and does a splendid job of downscaling from 1080p. The speaker is mono and the sound it delivers is a bit tiny, but you can connect external speakers if you dislike the quality. Furthermore, the small size of this projector needs a small cooling fan that automatically translates into moderate noise when it’s working. The experience of enjoying 3D content is not forgotten and this device supplies that by employing the 3D vision kit offered by nVidia or the DLP 3D. Set to Normal mode, the gadget consumes roughly 55W and 44W when in Eco mode.

Review conclusion

We predict that on-the-go people will flock to buy the ViewSonic PLED-W500 and we base our assertion on the excellent impression this projector left on us.

Technical specifications

Maximum resolution:1920 x 1080 pixels
Native resolution:1280 x 800 pixels
Image format16:10
Projector class:DLP
Projector technology:Other
Screen size:30 in
Brightness:500 lumens
Lamp:up to 20000 hours
Contrast ratio:6000:01:00
Connectors:HDMI (Number of HDMI connectors: 1, HDMI version: 1.3), D-sub (VGA) (Number of VGA connectors: 1), Component, Composite, S-Video, RS-232, USB
Keystone correction:Yes
Built-in TV tuner:No
Speakers total power:2 W
Dimensions (WxHxD):8.40 in x 1.60 in x 6.40 in
Total weight:2.60 lb