ViewSonic PLED-W200


A palmtop image projector

If you can remember, products like palmtop projectors were very much the trend only one year ago. People left and right adored them at first sight. But that’s all in the past now. These days, pico projectors are currently a lot bigger than those products back then ever were. Micro projectors are also threatening the position of palmtop projectors since they have good weight, offer brighter image quality and users don’t have to carry a separate power source. ViewSonic PLED-W200 reminds us all that its kind should still be looked upon as a useful gadget. You’ll find our opinions on this in the following review.

Lighter than the competitors

Palmtop and pico projectors are usually made around a LED light source and also a DLP chip. The ViewSonic PLED-W200 respects this unwritten law accordingly. The effect of this combo is that the device’s weight and size don’t go overboard. That’s the reason behind the good dimensions of this projector. Which are these: 0.9 pounds and 1.3″ x 5.1″ x 5.0″. The W200 is, considering the weight, lighter than the Acer’s K330 specifications, for instance.ViewSonic-PLED-W200

As small as the device is, this affects its brightness. Because of the low dimension, levels of brightness suffer by being lower when compared to better projectors that are larger and heavier. Lumen rating on this model is only 250. Good news is: portable projectors usually pack a lumen rating of between 2,000 and 3,000. It’s not all so bad in the end. In the past, projectors used to have 10 lumens. And they were able to render images of a small size.

Up to 20,000 hour of life

As for light source, the product should last – if we go by the manufacturer’s words – 20,000 hour. That’s the usual lifespan of such devices. Still, it feels nice to see that, despite the low price, ViewSonic kept this standard period of time. And it’s a great pro, because it enables to have a cut down of ownership costs.

Portability of this projector is increased with the aid of showing users content without them needing to bring a computer along. Files on an SD card are read directly by the PLED-W200. These files can include everything from audio files to Word docs. We could, during tests, find those files on our card thanks to a menu which was very easy to understand and use. A remote the size of a credit card can access the menu faster.

Some problems in videos

The images we saw had a very good quality. That’s kind of rare for a palmtop projector. There was no rainbow effect to ruin our mood. Vibrancy and saturation were both amazing to look at. We still noticed scaling artifacts. And there were many of them, enough to bug us. They made it hard to read text that was smaller than 9 points. But PowerPoint presentations don’t really use that font, so it will all be OK in the end.

Quality of videos was bad, which was a major con for us. The W200 kept losing detail when we watched images with darkened areas. Rainbow effects were more pronounced here than on images. Not many people are easy to spot them; but, if you are sensitive, they will annoy you. Tones of the skin were more than decent; no motion artifacts were shown.

Review conclusion

You shouldn’t discard the ViewSonic PLED-W200 entirely. This palmtop projector has its merits is the conclusion after the tests performed for this review. It can be used by both every day people as well as those working in a business. Portability is assured.