VeeDee D13


Today we want to occupy your time with an unknown manufacturer that have just released a tablet. We are talking about VeeDee and their very own Rs 6,490 D13 tablet. The review below will introduce you to this device and all it can, or cannot, do well.

A low cost Android tablet

In lieu of an introduction, we’ll just name all the specs the VeeDee D13 presents itself with. From our hands-on experiments, we observed the following: a 7.5 touchscreen with 800 x 480 pixels, a 1.5GHz ARM Cortex-A10 processor, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS, a 512RAM MLC 8 GB memory (that can be expanded till it reaches 32GB), and one 1.3-megapixel cam. All of this fits into a body that measures 192 mm x 122 mm x12.8 mm and weighs 360 g.

There is no support available for a CDMA dongle or Bluetooth of SIM for that matter. What you do get is Wi-Fi connectivity.

The D13 made by not-so-unknown VeeDee manufacturer doesn’t deliver much in the looks department. For one, it does not have a very slim or light body. But it is well-built (still needs more work in this aspect) and quite easy to hold.VeeDee-D13

Videos and other types of content will look good in high definition. Even if the resolution on this tablet is not among the top-notch ones. If you are after excellent image quality, we can recommend you other tablets that perform way better in this area.

Poor performance

Since we mentioned the magic word, “performance”, let us take a look at how the D13 delivers. VeeDee says that their device is one with great performance. Well, seeing what we saw in the tests we did, we beg to have a different opinion. When we fired up our browser, we were disappointed to see that it took an eternity to watch clips on Dailymotion and YouTube. We had the same problem when we wanted to open several sites we wanted to check.

The same poor performance was to be had with the device’s camera. Its features are not at all extraordinary. The most important ones, like exposure and white balance, are not even among them. However, this camera is quite capable of delivering the following types of resolution: 1.3 MP, QVGA and VGA. Videos were equally poor in quality. Despite the cam playing videos in 2160p. We were not fans of how videos sounded. Audio quality was not a disaster, but not a wonder either.

If you love using Twitter, Facebook and other social networks, there are no apps for them on this model. But fortunately Google Play store features every single one of them. As for apps, this tablet features stuff like Gtalk, YouTube and all the other important ones. Clips that are posted on the World Wide Web can be viewed with the help of the device’s flash support. Since there is a preloaded book, it means that the tablet sports Aldiko, which is a book library application.

The battery lasted for an amount of 3 hours and a half. Which is plain little.

Review conclusion

Looking back at our review above, we would like to recommend the VeeDee D13 to tablet beginners. Because if you have already used such a gadget before made by a popular manufacturer, you won’t like this model. Its performance is now what you would have in mind. That and the poor battery life are cons that not many of our readers would be able to ignore.