Toshiba Satellite P855-307


A powerful laptop powered by Ivy Bridge

The newest processor to be made by Intel joins the latest range that used to be called Ivy Bridge. Everybody had been expecting this to happen for a very long time. The happy news should have been released months ago. But what got it delayed were embargoes and all sorts of other things. But anyway, we’ll let bygones be bygones and enjoy the new laptop that features this processor: the £1000 Toshiba Satellite P855-307. In today’s review we will discuss both the pros and the cons of this device. So stay tuned!

Simple looking design

The Toshiba Satellite P855-307 has all it takes to make it eye-candy to look at. But Toshiba has rarely produced laptops which looked awful. The materials that the manufacturer handpicked for its latest device were metal alloys and plastic. You would expect a product made of plastic, be it even in a combo with another material, would send cheap vibes. But the P855-307 is far away from looking like that. The fact that the general design has no embellishments counts as a pro for consumers who prefer simple-looking laptops. There are not many buttons, only the ones for energy saving and power.

The keyboard is a chiclet-style one. The model used by this Satellite is still the same as all other previous ones. We would have liked to see the buttons on its surface featuring better travel. Tactile feedback is also disappointing. The tray had flex when we tested it and we didn’t like it. The numeric keypad is separate from the keyboard. Even so, we were annoyed with its arrow and function buttons. The touchpad provided us with a good experience. Even if it did not sport physical keys.Toshiba-Satellite-P855-307

15.6 inch display

Looking up from the keyboard during tests for this review we saw the laptop’s 15.6″ screen. Which, despite looking well-built, did not manage to make itself likeable. Its reflective nature was a clear let down. The resolution is only 1,366 x 768 pixels. That is a pretty big con. It does not offer great quality while watching a movie, for instance. Because contrast and definition are not of superb quality. Colors were not bad; they looked vibrant and bright. But vertical viewing angles were a mess.

Performance with movies and other content in 2D and 3D was what anyone would come to expect from a device made by Toshiba. We deeply liked what we saw when we watched various clips online, or played games, or watched a movie.

The hard disk is truly one of the best we have ever come across on any other laptop before: 1TB. A second first for the product is made of its 4 USB3 ports.

Quad-core 2.3GHz i7-3610QM processor

The processor of the Satellite P855-307 is a quad-core 2.3GHz i7-3610QM. Its Turbo Boost can make the CPU reach 3.3GHz. Moreover, the hyper-threading feature is capable of doubling the core count till it reaches 8. RAM is astounding: the laptop is pre-installed with 8GB to provide the user with great memory that will make an impact on overall performance. Meaning that you will be able to load the device with large files and so on. But anyway, the processor delivered excellent speed. And it made it possible to do stuff without the laptop crashing or the Internet bailing on us. Every application we dealt with got the best response from the CPU and its memory and its HD 3000 GPU.

But the battery will only last for 4 hours and 30 minutes.

Review conclusion

The Toshiba Satellite P855-307 is not perfect. But its storage space, performance and connectivity are all in the superlative.