Toshiba Satellite L670


A powerful 17.3 inch laptop

Even if this notebook doesn’t sport a very powerful display and the USB 3 port is missing, this gadget that was launched by Toshiba needs a careful look for you to be sure that it is a correct choice.


This notebook is powered by an Intel platform and an ATI graphic card able to make gamers happy. Apparently the chassis of the Satellite l670 is not made to play with, because the external case is manufactured from glossy plastic and your hands will leave a lot of traces on its surface. Seems that the Toshiba producer didn’t want to invest any money on good materials. However, this notebook’s aim is not to dazzle you with looks and we must take a closer peek inside it to see what is able to do. Let’s take a loot at the resulted review !


toshiba-satellite-l670Toshiba’s l670 series have received a new design. This class of notebooks look the same way it did a year before. The only changes was in the 15.6″ / 17.3″ platform implementation. At first look, this model seems to look exactly like other models and this is not a very pleasant thing. The Toshiba l670 is a good laptop with an ergonomic touchpad and keyboard and the openings make room for speakers.
Connectivity is the classic one and the external ports are arranged in a conventional manner. Most of these connectors are present on the front sides of the laptop. The device has good connectivity: three USB 2.0 ports, one eSATA connector and an Ethernet port 10 / 1 000. Other available connections are the classic VGA port, the HDMI connector, a microphone jack and a stereo output jack of 3.5 mm. A weak point of the Toshiba Satellite L670 is that the USB 3.0 port is totally missing. Other feature that the product lacks is a Blu-ray drive.

DirectX 11 support

Toshiba decided to use an Intel platform for this model and the choice was a good one. The processor is an Intel Core i5-480M and the memory available in the default configuration is 6 GB. The graphical card is an ATI Radeon HD 5650 Mobility with 1 GB of dedicated memory able to offer good performance in tests. Even if it’s not perfect, this platform is a good choice if you need a comfortable computer without issues. The card works very well with DirectX 9 and DirectX 10 in games. You must know that the graphic card also supports DirectX 11 standard in games, but just for a short time. After a couple of minutes, the resolution is automatically changed to default configuration (1600 x 900 pixels). This will happen when you use a lot of graphic options. We advice you to use the laptop’s default.
The Toshiba Satellite L670 is powerful enough to run almost any application, even if that one is a resource consuming one. Because the notebook has good memory and a good processor, almost all applications will run properly. You can use the platform for Full HD encoding or for 720p movies manipulation without the risk of instability. The only weak point of the system is the hard disk. But this is not such a big deal in normal tasks. We tested the entire machine in full load conditions and the system consumed 64 watts. Temperature rose to 37° C, a good value for our stress test. Another good point is the sound. With just 42 dB in fully loaded conditions, the Satellite l670-1KZ is clear, so a good choice from this point of view.

Weak display

Even though the configuration of this model is good, the laptop disappoints in the display chapter. The screen seems to not be very pleasant. The resolution of the 17.3-inch screen is about 1600 x 900 pixels. We’ve measured in our tests a brightness of about 230 cd / m2 on average (from the backlight LEDs) and a weak contrast ratio, with just 633:1. A bad point is that blacks are bright when they reach the edge of gray. That will mostly happen when you want to see a movie without a correct encoding quality. Normally, the display of other models launched by rivaling companies have no problem at this chapter.
As for audio quality, Harman Kardon seems to have done a good thing with this model (compared to the failure the P500-1DJ was). Sound comes from two small speakers located under the keyboard and is relatively good, compared to other models.

Few software applications included

Similar with its Toshiba Satellite P500 cousin, the new l670 included in the default package a lot of bundled software. Anyway, this software is produced by Toshiba and we didn’t test its effectiveness in our tests. But we can tell you that you’ll have have access to a few multimedia applications and some office software for free.

Review conclusion

After ours tests and review, we have a conclusion for you. The Satellite l670 model was not made to be used for travels, because it is relatively heavy. Another weak point for portability is the battery, which runs for about 2 hours in video playback and with the WiFi network on. The price (about 900 euros in virtual stores) is good. This model is a good choice if you need a good laptop and not a lot of portability.

Technical specifications

LED technologyEdge LED
Processor typeIntel I5-480M
Processor frequency in MHz2660 MHz
Screen Size17.3 inch
Number of cores (s)2
Hard Drive Size500 GB
Model Graphics ProcessorMobility Radeon HD 5470
ResolutionWXGA +
Integrated webcamYes