Toshiba Satellite C655-S5542


A cheap 15 inch laptop

Say you decide to spend your monthly salary on a laptop in the midsize category with a screen of 15″. Very well, cause you have many options to choose from. Fortunately. Toshiba is offering its very own such device. All for a price of just $399. While we’re here, the name of this laptop is Satellite C655-S5542. It’s a given, though, that this model will have some unflattering absences from its list of specs, features and performance. But not all is bleak. Its slow speed will be off-putting for speed freaks. But consumers who depend on Facebook, writing/reading emails and playing back video in high definition will love this laptop. We wrote this review and we tested the laptop with them in mind.

Classic design

Plastic is widely known for being unattractive and synonymous with bad quality. But now and then exceptions appear and make us feel good about this material. Which is featured on the Toshiba Satellite C655-S5542 as well. And somehow it makes all the other plastic laptops ashamed of themselves. Its design bears a very striking resemblance to the looks of this model’s predecessors. The ones made last year and two years before that. We thought of them as fashion disasters. Some of what we thought about those versions’ flaws remains somewhat true. But 2012 came with better choices for build and quality. And so, the C655-S5542 looks like it got on the hands of better manufacturer with better crafting qualities. So all things considered, in the end this laptop doesn’t look as bad as past ones.Toshiba-Satellite-C655-S5542

Small touchpad

But the keyboard it sports, which we used to write our review, has buttons that are flat. They feel shallow and emit a clack sound when used. However, they are saved by being placed well and having good sizes. The number pad is considered separate and is located on the keyboard’s right side. The touchpad we viewed as very small. Even so, it left us with a surprised expression: two-finger gestures were really fast. And that is something which we experienced on more expensive and popular laptops. So we’ll add this to our list of pros.

The screen of C655-S5542 notebook is 15.6″. The native resolution it conveys is 1,366 x 768 pixels. Images viewed at an off-axis were another pleasant surprise. Video streaming in HD was handled very well.

Intel Celeron B815 processor

A processor of 1.6GHz Intel Celeron B815 might alarm you. But don’t think like that. The tests we did on it showed that its performance was in fact good. It didn’t come in first 100% of cases, but it didn’t behave like a snail either. But anyway, don’t consider this laptop if your CPU cravings are big.

Connectivity options are a con. We saw no HMDI, no USB 3.0 and no Intel Wireless Display. Yeah, really important ports were nowhere in our line of sight. But this is, after all, a cheap device.

Battery life is quite possibly the biggest pro. We did some tasks with this laptop and it still had enough power left to run for 4 hours and 30 minutes. Which, again, is a victory for the device’s low price.

If it gets broken by accident – or not -, its warranty guarantees 1 year of free fixing for both parts and labor. If you get the product directly from its manufacturer, you can receive a 2-year warranty period in exchange for extra $60. But that doesn’t cover battery.

Review conclusion

Toshiba’s Satellite C655-S5542 gets you covered when it comes to standard functionality.