Toshiba Regza 553X


An impressive 55 inch LED TV

TVs are still bought by many people who refuse to use other devices that bring them closer to what’s happening in the world or to their favorite movies, documentaries and other means of entertainment. Sales are going strong and Toshiba is one of the companies whose products are sought after by many categories of consumers. In an age where every day something innovative is born, the Regza 553X keeps a good peace to what’s currently happening and the brand that made it is aiming high. Did they fail, did they succeed with this latest TV? Our review will give you the answer.

Very slim design

The Toshiba Regza 553X has, among its main aims, that of leaving prospective buyers with their mouths hanging open once they see it on display. And that’s exactly what happened to us when we carefully took the device out of its package. The very slim and light body was like nothing we’ve ever seen in our tests, but hope to see again someday. The shape of the footstand was also different from your usual footstands and it brought a lot of services to the TV by keeping it from falling down from the desk we put it

4000 x 3000 pixels resolution !

The product is a HD one and its 55″ screen holds a resolution of 4000 x 3000 pixels, much much higher than usual. We don’t even know where to begin with our praise for the quality of the display and its specs; suffice to say that you’ll thank us for reviewing this item sporting all that’s brilliant or should be brilliant: blinding brightness (that can be modified by the user if it’s too much on the eyes), sharpness so evolved that you’ll see the minutest detail, fascinating colors that you’ll mistake for real life ones and excellent viewing angles. The menu and the specifications access can be used by all kinds of people, both beginners and professionals.

The integrated 3D viewing opportunity it boasts couldn’t have been greater news for us and for you, especially seeing as the Regza 553X comes with something like a gift: you won’t have to save money and spend them on 3D glasses. Other features mean conversion possibilities from 2D to 3D and a system that tracks the user’s face for security matters when a child is in the room and you don’t want her or him to watch anything appropriate while you’re at work.

Good performance in 3D mode

This feature is also used by the device to approximate the distance the user is sitting from the screen. The 3D made available by the device was nothing more than 2D technology used in such a way (parallel-viewing and cross-viewing, to make ourselves understood) that it fools the eye into thinking otherwise. The TV displayed no lags when we browsed different programmes or used the menu to change settings.

In terms of accessories, Toshiba’s Regza 553X keeps them for you to discover in the box the product ships with and they’re not different than any other accessory on any other TV. Except a camera placed on the bottom that is the partner in crime of the face tracking feature. Of course, should you want adapters and other options for the product’s inputs, you can get them in any store.

Review conclusion

The main issue with this product is its price: not many will afford the £7,400 the Toshiba Regza 553X costs, but once they get the sum, they’ll enjoy the best in the TV department.