Toshiba Camileo Z100


A powerful 3D camcorder

2012 has already had a great start, what with the annual CES happening this soon to pass January and lots of new gadgets making their way into the audience’s hearts. Many more events of this magnitude will happen in the next few months and they will be the playground for other fantastic products ranging from smartphones and reaching 3D camcorder to be introduced to consumers. Such a gadget is the Toshiba Camileo Z100 that will go into the stores in the UK in March at a price that will be settled in due time (even if rumors talk about an under 200 pounds value). In the next paragraphs we’ll present this device as our tests revealed it to us.

Launched at CES 2012

The 120mm x 54mm x 62mm Camileo Z100 is the first full HD 3D camcorder in the existence of Toshiba gadgets and the audience at CES 2012 caught a first glimpse of this model, its specs, features and all the other important things. For the design of this device, the company borrowed the looks of its X100 model: black and silver on the body and a 3″ flip-out touch sensitive LCD on the back; this display didn’t offer resistance when we did a 270-degree rotation and the menu was, thanks to its dimension, extremely easy to make use of. From our perspective, the Camileo Z100 will offer your hands and fingers a sense of astounding comfort when you handle this camcorder for video recording of the most important events in your

Dual-lens system

On board of the product is featured a dual-lens system that comes with the option of enabling the Z100 the possibility to easily shoot 3D in full high definition with the help of two illuminated CMOS sensors that sit on the back and have 5MP. The illuminated sensors had an excellent saying in depicting 3D scenes whatever the lighting conditions in a particular moment were. The device boasts something else, namely a glasses-free 3D monitor that is there to let the user see what they are about to record without needing a pair of uncomfortable glasses for that; video playback afterwards was very good and we could smoothly connect a TV to the Z100 for further content watching. We have to clearly state that the screen won’t be made famous by a great quality; no, we couldn’t really, in the tests we did for this review, see a lot of clarity on the display, but, like we said, we had no problem when we wished to record something while grasping action in 3D.

8x optical zoom

An 8x optical zoom will function even when the camcorder is shooting in 2D or 3D and deliver a performance which will give other camcorders a run for their money. The images can be magnified by 120x with the device’s flawless electronic zoom and, should there be camera shake, the electronic image stabilizer will get you rid of that in no time. Among the features that are part of the Camileo Z100 are also the smile detection and face tracking ones that function 100% accurately.

A miniUSB and a miniHDMI are the main characters in the connectivity play and it’s very good to know that this product doesn’t throw a tantrum if you insert SD cards of up to 128GB.

Review conclusion

At the end of this review, the Toshiba Camileo Z100 has only one con: the lack of an optical zoom. We’re ready to excuse it for that, because it’s a very good camcorder for making 3D home movies.

Technical specifications

Device type3D Camcorder
Display size2.8 inches
3D captureVideo, Yes
Articulating / hinged displayYes
Video file resolution1080p Full HD
Built-in microphoneYes
Built-in speakerYes
Video outYes
Available colorsBlack

  1. Brian at 10:04 am

    The optical stabilization is not better than the Mega OIS from Panasonic. I believe they need to improve their system very soon.