Toshiba Camileo P100


A camcorder with a special design

When we first made eye-contact with the Toshiba Camileo P100 camcorder we must admit we let ourselves impressed by its design and hurried to think that it’s a good device and we won’t have problems testing. This impression lasted for a while and we were even starting to think that our guess was right, until we actually started to use the thing. There is no intention to scare you away, because the Camileo P100 still deserves some of the attention, but you should know right from the beginning of this review that is not as wow as you’d expect. That is why we decided to separate the review in two paragraphs, for the pros and the cons, just like the experience with the camera was. So let’s begin with the pros.

3 inch touchscreen

The Toshiba Camileo P100 features a glossy black finish which makes it shiny and nice being the reason behind the good impression. The second thing you notice and immediately like at it is that it has a pistol-grip design which makes you think less about dropping it on the floor. It actually has a very nice hand grip and allows you to make the moves you need during filming. Then, the 3 inch touchscreen display is another surprise from Toshiba. The menu is split between the few physical buttons and the touchscreen, while the transition is acceptable and easy to remember. The physical buttons include zoom, photo and video shooting, plus a pause button. This button is not an innovation, but in terms of pocket camcorders is not that often met. It allows you just to pause the video and then start whenever you wish, without creating separate video files. Toshiba-Camileo-P100

Online media sharing

There are also a Share button, in case you want to tag your videos or photos and immediately upload them on Facebook or YouTube once you connect the device to your PC, and also a playback button which allows you to see the previous videos and photos. On the 3inch LCD display you have access to the electronic image stabilization, the shooting format, video light- which is split between built-in LED lighting and digital light – and advanced zoom.

The camcorder has a few effects you can choose from, like macro mode or white balance configuration. There are also a few scenes available, like soft skin options, backlight compensation and night mode, and some filters too, like negative, black and white or sepia.

Small buttons

For the cons part of the review, as you’d probably already imagined we saved the bad aspects of all those of the above. Or almost all. Concerning the physical button mentioned, depending on the size of your fingers, you might find them to be a bit too small. During testing the Camileo P100 we often found ourselves pressing the wrong button and no matter how much we used it there was no sign of getting along with them. Another thing which annoyed us was that several times we set the time and date and then made some shots and videos but when we watched them later, the initial settings were again back to day 1.

Weak results in low light

For some serious drawbacks though, there should be mentioned that the Camileo P100 made a very poor performance in low light conditions. The recording looks nice in bright environment, but once the light dims, the quality of the recording goes down. Even in good light conditions, the image quality is not the greatest. We noticed during the tests that the camera over-compresses the video, renouncing the details which we are actually interested in. Moreover, the areas with little color variation just looked the same, making no difference between the small changes. The battery life was good, compared with other camcorders.

The 5x optical zoom is a good thing, but using it actually ruins the image quality, making it more pixilated and with a lot of noise.

Review conclusion

As you can see, the Toshiba Camileo P100 is made to deceive. Behind its nice looking design actually lays a very common camera which won’t make the best of your favourite moments you want to record.

Technical specifications

* Optical zoom5 x
* Video file resolution1920x1080p Full HD resolution video
* Digital zoom16x
* Display size3 inch Swiveling LCD monitor with touchscreen interface
* Photo resolution16MP interpolated with 8MP CMOS sensor