Toshiba 47TL515U


A 47 inch 3D LED TV

Last year, the top 3 manufacturers of TVs with passive 3D features were LG, Vizio and Toshiba, whose 47TL515U we are about to review today. The tests meant to show us the level of 3D performance for this product went well and fast, since they reminded us of how LG’s Infinia 47LW5600 own performance. 2D quality wasn’t as spectacular because of the backlight that was much too overactive. All in all, we don’t think this product should be considered by everybody, but if you don’t want too much from such a TV, the go and get it.

Weak remote control

The Toshiba 47TL515U has an angular body with square sides that leave a sleek mark upon the viewer and the finish, which is quite master at subtlety, imprints itself upon the glossy bezel; the remaining parts are matte. The frame’s sides annoyed us by catching reflections and it proved a distraction every time we would watch a movie. The stand pedestal’s is angled, so the user can swivel the panel with ease; the base is made of topped glass.Toshiba-47TL515U

The TV’s remote control is a complete miss, due to the sheer amount of keys which you won’t be able to tell apart one from the other. The spaces between them are very small and you’ll find yourself at a loss when trying to decipher what each of them stands for; what was even more wrong was that pressing the buttons had as effect a clicking sound that was really loud, so loud that if you plan on using the onscreen keyboard, don’t. Fortunately the remote of 47TL515U was redeemed by the fact that it was usable in the dark thanks to the illumination factor and thanks to its enabling us to control 3 different kinds of AV gear. The key for menu opens a large number of settings and you’ll get lost among them, not to mention that some are mainly unnecessary. We looked hard for a manual onscreen, but we didn’t find any; all that was left was to find help in the product’s online manual.

Passive 3D technology

Turning the 47TL515U on took more than half a minute and when we browsed through the menu or opened various functions, the display began to turn black for the duration of 2 seconds after which it resumed to whatever we were watching.

Passive 3D, the heart and soul of this device, was rendered, on the duration of our tests performed for this review, by the existence of polarizing film coating; this technology helped our eyes to see all the lines that created the 2 images which a 3D illusion needs in order to be seen as such through the 4 pairs of special glasses. Edge-lit LED backlight with local dimming is another important feature.

Good overall performance

And now on to performance in the image area. The Toshiba 47TL515U offered blacks that were deep in all the appropriate moments of a movie, but areas with very bright lights proved tricky. Color rendering had its good, but also its bad moments, and the latter meant oversaturation, blue-black, yellow and red tints. The display muted reflections and kept black levels at their most appropriate levels. Uniformity was no issue for the product and there were no blotches. Motion resolution and 1080p/24 film cadence were both preserved. And, finally, as stated before, 3D performance was on the same level as LG’s TVs, so very good.

Review conclusion

The new Toshiba 47TL515U is a reasonable 3D TV, but don’t expect it to be king of TVs.

Technical specifications

Panel Size47 inches
3D capabilityYes
Screen TechnologyLED-lit
3D NaturalPassive Technology
Image Contrast Ratio40000:1
Image Resolution1080p Full HD
Maximum Refresh Rate120 Hz
Built-in Wi-FiYes
Aspect Ratio16:09
Total Weight52 pounds