Toshiba 46YL863


A new 46 inch 3D HDTV

After reading our review, we’re very sure you’ll want to own a model of TV made by Toshiba. The product we think so highly of is called 46YL863. It came out not so long ago. This year, actually. And since then, Toshiba consumers have lined up to be sure they’d get to buy it. The newest product is a replacement from previous WL853 and YL853. And about time. The change couldn’t have come earlier. The company seems to be set on believing that this TV will rival what’s currently or will come to the UK. Testing the device for more details, we noticed the following things.

Attractive design

We’ve pretty much come across many a good-looking TVs in our blog’s history. We’ve even run out of adjectives to use when describing the design of a product. Returning to our Toshiba 46YL863, man is this an attractive device or what? For real, design-wise the company used everything it was capable of and invested this TV with mighty fine looks. Jacob Jensen Design Studio is a very good partner for Toshiba. Their talent is fully shown by the way the 46YL863 is made. The type of finish people there used is the silvery metallic one. And that, readers, is saying something. It’s a big pro point. The lines it sports are a symbol of elegance. The back and bezel are a joy to look at through admiring eyes. The chassis is from aluminum for an added charm and design excellency. On top of that, the solidity of the frame kept scratches and bumps away with ease.Toshiba-46YL863

Wi-Fi access

Connectivity for doing extra stuff on the 46YL863 covers every major input, port and so on. We won’t mention all of them, since we’ll add them in a list under this review. So here are just a few: two USB ports, four HDMI ports (for digital, 3D and HD video feeds), Wi-Fi and one LAN port. Wi-Fi is one great feature to have on a TV. It’s because users like to play with their TV’s online functionality. What made us look twice before continuing with our testing was this: the device had one satellite tuner with it. However, this addition does not offer compatibility with Freesat packaging.

Like all the other TVs on sale, Toshiba’s 46YL863 sports a CEVO Engine. That’s a very good pro when you want to have pic processing that’s extra fast. Contrast, colors, motion response and details all benefit from a boost thanks to this feature. This product’s local dimming system is very sophisticated and superb in its performance.

Face recognition technology

Toshiba did, of course, pre-install processors with great performances. And with them comes the option of an auto calibration system. After calibration was complete, things such as colors and detail were looking good. Images had a somewhat muted effect and reds were a bit too powerful. If something’s bugging you, here’s a very nice pro point: tweaking tools. The ones for motion caught our attention the most.

Between these options we also found a cam boasting face recognition. But, in our experience, it was a con rather than a pro. Most of the time, this camera gave a wrong name to a face which it detected wrongly.

Review conclusion

The Toshiba 46YL863 is a slim TV that produces good sound quality and good performance and specs. In fact, for costing only £999, it has a surprisingly adequate quality.