Toshiba 42SL417U


A new 42 inch 1080p Full HD LED TV

Toshiba 42SL417U is a 44 inches Full HD 120Hz LED backlit LCD TV with a resolution of 1080p, the highest of the HD format. It has many web features, like support for Yahoo Widgets, Netfix, Vudu, a good media player and a built in WiFi. However, our overall estimation of the product is low. It has several weak points and only a few that are strong and revealed by this review.

Bad viewing angles

First of all, the Toshiba 42SL417U has a very bad viewing angle. Moving a little bit from the center will “cost” you approximately 50% of the aspect ratio, which is as bad as it sounds. It has many video processing features that help you improve the quality of the image and sound, but when we tried to make some adjustments, we realized that we must be specialized in that field in order to make some changes, as no explanations are given on what a good adjustment means. The good part though is that the adjusting menu is located in the lower part of the screen, thus letting you see what changes are made to the image.Toshiba-42SL417U

Good black levels

Among these video processing features, we discovered an interesting one, which could be useful if it were better designed. We here refer to the Dynamic Contrast feature, which detects the changes in the picture that don’t convey to your contrast settings and tries to quickly adjust them. Unfortunately, this is very brutally done and the sudden differences in contrast jumping very quickly become very upsetting.
We also noticed in this review that the black level produced by Toshiba 42SL417U is quite decent, but not as good as the one produced by Samsung LN46D550 for example.
On the other hand, the peak brightness meets the desired standards, resulting a good contrast after all.

WiFi connectivity

Regarding the maintenance of the color, the 42SL417U did pretty well with both black and white, but it lost again some points in the uniformity test. On a completely black screen, the corners light up flashing, meaning that the backlight is not uniformly distributed.
The audio controls are simple and easy to use, but we noticed some volume discrepancies between different contents. For example, not paying attention to what is on TV can give you a good scare if an ad pops in, because of the sudden volume increase.
The Toshiba 42SL417U supports Web connectivity, more varied than Panasonic TCP42X3, including a WiFi and two more HDMIs. It comes with Toshiba’s Net TV and you can choose from a varied selection of web services, like social networks and others.

Power efficient

We were impressed to find that it also has a voice control capability, freeing you from the remote, which does not have a good appearance at all, now that we mentioned it.
Another strong point is that Toshiba 42SL417U is power efficient. During our tests, it consumed 63,5 watts per hour while on, and almost no power at all while off.
The design is typical for a LCD TV, with a pedestal and a shiny black bezel. The use of cables is pretty well improved, with ports sitting along the two sides and facing down or sideways.

Review conclusion

Having a low performance in color test, which after all define a good LCD, Toshiba 42SL417U did not impress us at all. We have reviewed better TVs and we think that are many things that can be improved for this model.

Technical specifications

Display typeLCD with LED backlighting
3D SupportNo
Diagonal screen size42 inches
Maximum resolution1080p
Display refresh rate120 Hz
Aspect ratio16:09
HDMI Ports4
Interfaces SupportedEthernet
Component Video