Toshiba 40XV733


A LCD TV made in Toshiba

It seems there is no rush at the outside door of the Toshiba department in charge with the LCD TVs. In only a month the manufacturer will launch 14 new models in four ranges, each tailored to budgets and different audiences.

The WL753 series is more expensive and more elegant in terms of design. Its aesthetics called Air Lagoon is capped by a sleek black lacquered edge. It has the advantage of a LED back lighting Edge system, combined with a Meta-Brain processor and an optimization mode + Resolution which should ensure a high quality of the image. We trust the manufacturer on that side. Moreover, it also comes with a nice range of video settings, the 200 Hz mode (M200 HD Active Vision) and a lot of options for optimizing the sound system with Audyssey EQ technology.

toshiba-40xv733Normally available on the A/V amplifiers, this function can correct and compensate for the problems associated with acoustic reflections of sound on the chassis of the TV, the furniture on which it is installed or the walls around it. The menu of the WL753 series is called SoundNavi and is supposedly able to optimize sound settings depending on the position of the screen in the room and the Dolby Volume, which ensures a constant noise level regardless of its source.

Compatible with Windows 7 OS
The three models in this series (40, 46 and 55 inches) come with a USB Wi-Fi 802.11n able to connect to one of two USB 2.0 ports. This feature allows them to access wireless easy and fast all multimedia files shared, stored on the computer or other Wi-Fi devices. During our test , we saw that everything can be controlled by the Media Controller software found on Toshiba laptops brand and its Touch Tablet gadget.

In fact, its Toshiba TVs are DLNA certified and provide compatibility with Windows 7 OS. This make it possible to read some information on Streaming from Windows Media Player by clicking on “Play to” in the menu of the Microsoft player. The new televisions also have a YouTube widget that provides access to HD videos on Google.

Finally, three televisions have incorporated a digital tuner HD, a cable tuner and a satellite tuner and offer in addition two USB ports, an SD card slot, four HDMI inputs, two Scart, YUV input, audio output digital and subwoofer output. The prices are different, depending on TVs: 1499 euros for the 40-inch, 1799 Euros for the 46-inch and 2,399 euros for the 55 inches. These TVs have been available on the market since June 2010.

DLNA, Windows 7, Wi-Fi, 100 Hz, but basic design for VL Series 733
The VL733 series offers virtually the same functions, namely the DLNA certification, compatibility with Windows 7 OS, the Edge LED back-light, the Meta-Brain processor, Resolution+ mode, the modes sound optimization (SoundNavi, Audyssey EQ, Dolby Volume), the Wi-Fi adapter, the SD card reader, the YouTube widget HD and the same good quality connectivity.

toshiba-40xv733-TVThe main differences with the WL753 series are visible in the presence of a 100 Hz mode (and not 200 Hz) and in the integration of a single HD tuner and much more in its classic design. The prices are obviously a bit lower, since the 32 inch is sold for 899 euros, the 40-inch for 1199 EUR and 46 inches for about EUR 1499.

SL Series. Wi-Fi is read only
The SL733 series, also available in stores, is not very different from the VL733 series. The exception is that the TVs in this range are Wi-Fi ready, but they do not come with the famous USB Adapter Wireless. Otherwise, we find the same functions as above, plus a cable tuner included.

The prices have once again gone down with a 32 inch sold for about 799 euros, the 40-inch model is sold for 999 and the 46 inches model for 1299 euros.

Without LED technology on XV

The XV733 series available in stores is also more affordable but it lacksthe Edge LED back-light and uses fluorescent tubes instead. Of course, the design has suffered some changes. Prices, too, since the 32 inch has a price of 699 euros, 749 euros are paid for 37-inch, 40 inch is about 799 euros and the 46 inch costs 999 Euros. Note that the XV734 series, including a cable tuner and more, has been available on the market since June 2010.

Positive points (pros)

  • Low price for entry-level models;
  • Wi-Fi compatibility and the support for Windows 7 Operating Systems;
  • Calibration and audio / video options;
  • Presence of a switch;

Negative points (cons)

  • The design that is not very advanced;
  • The Edge LED backlight, apart from the fine screen, adds nothing to the image quality but adds a lot on the price.

Technical specifications

Technology: LCD;

Diagonal / Screen Size (cm): 102;

Label HD: HDTV 1080p;

Image Format: 16:9;

Nominal resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels;