Toshiba 40RL858B


A cheap 40 inch LED TV

This time we’ll be attacking the subject of TVs, with particular accent on Toshiba’s latest very cheap 40RL858B. Besides the price, exterior, very sharp high definition images and other pros, this product lures you into buying it immediately thanks to a clever idea: since Christmas is approaching fast, people who will buy the TV before the holy day from certain retailers will receive a Blu-ray player – also made by Toshiba – and a 1-year free of cost subscription to a movie rental service called LoveFilm.

Interesting design

Toshiba doesn’t strike you as producing TVs oozing off generous amounts of style and charm, but the 40RL858B is an exception, starting with the metallic silver finish that the company opted for instead of black. The recent color, the bezel that’s more narrow now and the angular stand make the product quite yummy-looking. The presence of LED backlighting adds to the design a lot of slimness. As attractive as the TV is, we have to remark that its remote control is plain, although it makes up for that by being very easy and comfortable to use. Taking a look at the menu on the 40RL858B and the one on the 55WL863 from the same Toshiba we realized that the former was different, in the sense that it had a flat surface which helped a lot when we wanted to navigate through settings. We met with zero problems when, during our test, we had to read picture controls.Toshiba-40RL858B

Impressive viewing angles

The Toshiba 40RL858B has an electronic program guide that isn’t quite a visual feast. It does feature quite a lot of interesting info, but a drawback is the fact that it slows everything down.

The LED backlighting we mentioned earlier in our review does a lot of good stuff, one of which is smoothing out motion – also due to a rate of 100Hz processing -; we should add here that content looks very bright, colors are insanely intense and levels of black will surprise you big time. Other great thing to take into consideration concerns viewing angles, which are absolutely exceptional, so much so that wherever the user decides to sit and watch TV, contrast, colors and so on retain their quality and visibility. When we turned the 40RL858B on, we were immediately struck by just how sharp images looked; not only HD movies, but also content provided by Freeview. The upscaling feature gave off a surprisingly stellar performance in particular, seeing that pictures were crisp and noise of images was kept to a minimum. If you are to, say, watch something other than high-definition movies, their colors, motion and contrast will lack the aforementioned quality.

Acetrax included

Internet and digital media are well represented by the set’s Internet TV platform better known as Places and, while it offers a movie on-demand rental service known as Acetrax, its UI is not as nice as on other TVs and its hubs are not as numerous or as exciting as we’d have liked them to be when we’ve discovered in the rime of this review.

The quality of audio is still the same: not impressive, even if Toshiba installed 10W speakers on the 40RL858B. We noticed the best performance when we listened to music and kept the volume low; when we turned it up, there was a lot of distortion and bass was aggressive in our tests.

Review conclusion

Toshiba’s 40RL858B TV will make its way into your heart with its beauty and quality of high definition content. If, however, you’re more pretentious, we will gladly recommend other devices.

Technical specifications

Display typeLED
Panel size40
TV tuner typeFreeview HD
Resolution720p, 1080i, 1080p
ConnectivityComposite video, Ethernet, Component video,HDMI, Scart, USB
HDMI ports3
Other connectionsVGA
Weight11.1 kg
Size (WxHxD)655 x 140 x 505 mm