TomTom VIA 1605TM


If you don’t think that Garmin is the best manufacturer of GPS products, then there’s always TomTom as an alternative. This company’s devices are really good. Proof of that efficiency is their $229.95 VIA 1605TM model. On almost all fronts, this system is good. But you will discover that while reading our next review.

You want a GPS device with a large display? Look no further, then: the TomTom VIA 1605TM is something that you need to try. The dimension of its screen is 6″. Which, naturally, implies an ease of reading text. It also means plenty of sharpness. The body is definitely slimmer and lighter than same products made by competitors: there are 9.5 ounces and 4.2 by 6.2 by 1.4 to prove this statement. Data had the great advantage of appearing clean.

Disappointing battery

Before moving to design and other areas, it has to be said that the VIA 1605TM has a battery that isn’t as great as the ones on Garmin devices. Its life was capable of lasting only 2 hours. But if you are the sort of consumer that wants to connect a DVD player or any other such gadget to this GPS system, then this short battery span will not be a big issue.

The display is not resistive like on competing versions. But the resolution is enough to perform the most common tasks.TomTom-VIA-1605TM

The looks of this model are nice. The materials it is made of are plastic and brushed aluminum. It all comes in black. You are offered no hands-free Bluetooth speakerphone mode. And that might be a reason of discontent for users who want it.

If you wonder where the TM comes from,we will tell you. It is included in the name to show the fact that this model offers traffic updates along with lifetime maps. And that takes place once a year.

Don’t expect to see a high definition traffic support. There is none on this 1605TM. An alternative to that, and one that works very well, is a real-time traffic service. It’s not the company’s latest, though. But even if you don’t get a new one, this one still delivers what is expected of it.

Reliable performance

We reviewed this GPS unit by taking a ride from our hometown to another town. Throughout our testing session, TomTom’s latest GPS product offered a reliable performance. A con we weren’t too happy about was when we looked at the animation and saw that it didn’t move smoothly about. That was due to the frame rate, which simply lagged a lot. However, this remains a GPS device with a great screen. Unfortunately, this did not stop it from showing graphics in a poor quality. We were helped numerous times by the gadget’s maps, which had a very pleasant design.

For those times we needed to know whether traffic conditions affected or not a route, we employed the device’s Alternative Route dialog features. When nothing would deter us from reaching to our destination faster, this feature alerted us via the screen. We found this as extremely nice and very helpful. Every GPS system should have it listed among its other great features.

Review conclusion

The TomTom 1605TM ranks high in any list of best GPS devices. It might not make it to the top of the said list, but it doesn’t reach its bottom, either. Garmin still reigns supreme in that area. But the model we tested had its pros which should not go unnoticed that quickly.