TomTom VIA 1405TM review


A new car GPS from TomTom

TomTom, the well-known American company that makes GPS navigation gadgets, has come up with a new product. Its name: TomTom VIA 1405TM. According to the company, the device promises to be a great tool if you want to “hit the road street-smart and style-savvy.” Does this new TomTom GPS model deliver? Find out from our test and review.

Good specifications

First off, here are the specifications: 4.3″ touchscreen, 1.3″ x 4.7″ x 3.4″, 181g. The device comes with an USB cable, Traffic CLA, Adhesive Disk, User Guide and an LTM Voucher.
As for features, the new TomTom VIA 1405TM ships with the following: Advanced Lane Guidance, 7 Million Points of Interest, IQ Routes, Spoken Turn-by-Turn Directions, Help Me! Emergency Menu, Map Guarantee, Map Share On Demand Updates, Preloaded Maps and Points of Interest, Home Content Manager, Lifetime Traffic, Map Guarantee, Bluetooth hands, free calling, natural voice recognition and unique flip-screen.

Compact and light design

tomtom-via-1405tmBefore discussing each of its features in turn, let’s see the design of this GPS device. This VIA model is sleek, compact and very light, which makes it very easy to mount everywhere you want; also, it comes in a brushed-aluminum finish. The picture quality is good: images are bright and sharp and everything is displayed accurately. After our test we experienced no pixilation or discoloration. The intuitive interface is of great help: you’ll find everything you want from the menu; this results in excellent navigation. Some might find the screen a tad small, but icons are large and very well spaced.
Although the latest TomTom 1405TM features a manual, we didn’t need it: working with the gadget was very easy after we took it from its box.

Advanced Lane Guidance technology

And now on to each of the device’s features. First off, the Advanced Lane Guidance: this option showed us which road to take when we had to drive through difficult intersections and impossible junctions. We then used the 7 Million Points of Interest feature to find things such as gas stations, hotels and the like; you’ll find that there are 7 million of these points of interest (in over 60 categories) preloaded with the gadget. The IQ Routes advises you what the fastest route to a place is based on the time of day / day of the week.

Help Me! Emergency Menu

The Spoken Turn-by-Turn Directions feature doesn’t let you get involved in accidents; it keeps you focused on the road ahead of you by giving directions such as place and street names in a very clear voice. The Help Me! Emergency Menu option finds emergency services such as hospitals, police stations and so on.
Map Guarantee allowed us to download an update to our map the first month we started using TomTom’s VIA 1405TM. With the Map Share On Demand Updates feature we were able to update our own map whenever we felt like it and also download updates; the latter were verified by other users of the device.

Preloaded Maps and Points of Interest

The Preloaded Maps and Points of Interest option comes in 60 categories; customers will therefore discover an easy operation to do via which they’ll find a large number of hotels, restaurants and such while driving.
At some point in our test we wanted to personalize the latest TomTom GPS device and we were able to do so by using the Home Content Manager feature. With only a click we subscribed to TomTom services and downloaded voices and new points of interest, just to name a few; we also shared our content with other users of TomTom GPS gadgets.

Internet access included

With the help of the flip-screen feature we attached the device to the dashboard or windshield easily; how: we used the EasyPort mount. Surfing the Internet worked very well.
If you’re concerned about security issues, the new VIA 1405TM is designed to protect your privacy should someone steal it from your car. The parental control option is one of the built-in features.

Review conclusions

In the end of our review, we can only say this: TomTom have done yet another great job with this GPS system with the VIA 1405TM model.

Technical specifications

Screen Size:4.3″
Special Features:Touch screen
Traffic Ready
Free Lifetime Traffic
Maps Included:United States
Puerto Rico


Battery Life:2 hours
Real Time Traffic:Yes

  1. BSB at 3:58 am

    The 1405 does not come with an “easy port” mount I can only presume you got that as an extra.
    Nor does the 1405 have internet !
    I have no idea what you reviewed but it wasnt the stock VIA 1405.I have to say this is not by any means a FULL review.