It’s a relief to know that GPS systems are still being manufactured and sold. Because in this day and age, they are devices which offer great performance if you are fed up with smartphones doing the same thing, Or aren’t happy with how the latter function when it’s time to find an address/lane/etc. This GPS will not blow your hair away, but its performance is good enough to make you come again to it. Our TomTom START 55TM review will explain what.

Once you open this GPS for the first time, you will catch a glimmer of this device’s easy menu. And yes, it really is a piece of cake to use it on the road. But there are no really amazing options to go with TomTom START 55TM. The speed limit coverage is a sensible subject, because it doesn’t always work that great.

IQ Routes System

There is a built-in mount on this model. Operating it will not always go smoothly. It had the nasty habit of getting disconnected from the START 55TM. Its greatest pro was that it could adapt to lovers of dashboard mounts by swiveling around easily.TomTom-START-55TM

What we found the most helpful and smart was that this device was able to tell us things about gas prices sans needing a live data connection. To this end, this GPS model could be connected to a PC or laptop. After that, it looked for gas prices and downloaded them without breaking a sweat. However, be prepared for not always the most accurate prices. But when we tested it, we didn’t run into problems.

At times, the TomTom START 55TM failed to attach itself to a satellite signal quickly in the tests performed. But other times it did so on the spot. So it all depends and it’s not a serious con. The most important feature on any TomTom GPS system is the IQ Routes one. It never fails to deliver great accuracy and help. This road speed database should also be used by Garmin.

Map Corrections possibility

The Help and Map Share options also provided plenty of niceties. As did advanced lane guidance. The latter used images that alert the user of upcoming highway exits that have limited access. And while it did all of that, the device preserved its superb reception no matter where we were in our trip. The Help option is easily accessible via the display. Which is a means of finding out data on drive to help, current location and so on. This is very important if you are on the road and want a quick solution to your problem. The drive to help part offered us shortcuts that had to do with hospitals, police departments, car repair services, dentist and many others. The Map Share feature was our favorite when we reviewed the START 55TM. This is a tool that is to be found in the Options folder under Map Corrections. Its role was to help us create map error corrections for other users. Then other users would also be able to help us out with their own corrections. That you can download smoothly.

Beware that the speed limit field of this device is going to turn red whenever you will choose to drive too fast.

Review conclusion

The TomTom Start 55TM should be a safe and good GPS device to use even by beginners. It is a system that we think is ideal if you want something to employ that won’t let you down on the long run.