Sylvania SYTAB10MT review


A cheap tablet PC from Sylvania

The Sylvania SYTAB10MT is one of the cheapest tablets PCs available today. Is it any good? We tested the device and here is what we think.

10.2 inch touch screen

The 10.1″ resistive touch screen features High Resolution TFT with 800 x 480 pixels (that don’t really offer HD pictures) and it is fairly responsive; we said fairly because now and then a slip of the finger would make the screen open something else than we initially intended to see. What it did offer was very clear content. With its 2.5 pounds this tablet is very light when compared to others on the market; it is also compact and sleek and we had no problem carrying it around with us wherever we went. Also, taking it out from the box it came in and setting it up worked well: the device didn’t freeze or require booting.Sylvania-SYTAB10MT

Android 2.1 operating system

The SYTAB10MT tablet PC runs on Android 2.1 and comes with up to 16GB of external memory, a microSD card a HDMI output and two mini USB slots. When we tested the device we noticed that it has the option of upgrading to Android 2.2. This was an important advantage in our books. The USB slots and the microSD card gave us the possibility to watch movies or write reviews while on the road. Another plus for these ports: we could easily and quickly transfer music or movies and upload them to YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and the like.
The processor used by this product is the ARM 11 one, with 1 GHz of speed. During our test performed for this review it offered good speed to the tablet.

eReader included

The Sylvania SYTAB10MT has an in-built eReader. This might be an advantage to users choosing to get eBooks free from the Internet. Reading them was extremely easy. We had the possibility to customize the eReader by choosing from various typefaces, flip modes, typeface sizes, fonts. We had no problem with our eyes while using the eReader: screen was very comfortable to them.
The integrated 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi made connecting to the Internet very easy when we were at Wi-Fi hotspots. We encountered no problems whatsoever with finding networks; everything went fast and smooth. Once connections were found, the Wi-Fi stayed connected for many hours to the home network. We also wanted to see in what way moving the device in various positions affected the connection; it didn’t, the tablet still displayed the various web pages we opened at some point.
In the apps department, the Sylvania SYTAB10MT comes with an App Store called Android SlideME Marketplace. We managed to get many both free and paid applications via the web browser. Apps can include games, weather, news and travel guides just to name a few.

Poor sound quality

The Movie & Music player worked best when we used headphones, because otherwise the sound was poor when we performed this review. Other specifications and features for this tablet: 1.3-megapixel camera, 2GB flash memory, picture viewer, calculator and built-in Software Update. With the 1.3-megapixel camera we snapped very good quality pictures even when weather conditions and the like weren’t that good. The Software Update option of SYTAB10MT keeps the device up with the latest software updates; it also upgrades the tablet to the latest Android version.

Review conclusions

Despite its cheap price, the Sylvania SYTAB10MT tablet is a good choice for everyone. It offers good performance, fast Internet access, a wide variety of apps and a good processor.

Technical specifications

# Internal Storage- 2GB Flash
# Internal Memory- 256 MB RAM
# DC jack
# HDMI output
# Connectivity- Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g
# Battery- 3600mah rechargeable polymer battery
# Operating System- Android 2.2
# Camera 2.1 Megapixel
# Earphone jack
# External Memory- MicroSD CARD (UP TO 32GB) includes 2GB card
# Connect- 2 Mini USB slots