Spy Sweeper 2011 review


A powerful antispyware from Webroot

Several specialized sites have awarded the WebRoot Spy Sweeper 2011 antispyware software top grades because of its many qualities. Is this product really that effective? Find out the answer from our review.

Minimum 1GB of RAM memory

This antispyware software is available for free download. First things first, you must have a computer with more than 1GB of RAM and a processor with more than 1 GHz in speed, because otherwise the performance of your PC will suffer greatly. There were no problems when we installed the program and after the process was over we simply opened the Spy Sweeper 2011 and started using it; everything went smoothly thanks to the very easy to use icons and tabs, so beginners don’t have to worry about a thing. If you don’t understand something there are recommended settings and customer support via e-mail, telephone, an online FAQs section and professional services for troubleshooting, spyware/virus removal and installation.Spy-Sweeper-2011

Very efficient Game Mode

If you’ve always wanted an antispyware program that runs in the background and doesn’t annoy you much, then the Webroot Spy Sweeper is one of the best solutions for you in 2011. When we tested the software we found that running other programs simultaneously didn’t affect the product in the least. The Gamer Mode was very efficient while we were playing a game or watching a movie, because it didn’t constantly interrupt us with popups. But fear not, the software’s real time shield protection did its job very well.

Anti-spam and anti-phishing options

When talking about performance, the Spy Sweeper 2011 was really good. It successfully scanned received and sent e-mail (including attachments), it prevented malware, spyware, data miners, adware and many more. During our test for this review we noticed that the software also sported anti-spam and anti-phishing options; it also prevented threats trying to access data from your PC or alter the operating system. The software comes with fifteen smart shields offering protection against Trojans, cookie trackers, keyloggers and browser hijackers. Once scanning was over, the product gave very easy to understand reports which included description for each item along with the level of risk. When you want to get rid of a threat you can simply tell the Webroot Spy Sweeper so and it will do its job flawlessly.

Review conclusions

As for the actual scanning process, the software finished it in approximately 20-35 minutes.
To sum it up, the Spy Sweeper 2011 is one of the best anti spyware software today.You can download the program for free and use it in the trial version for about 30 days.

Free download Spy Sweeper 2011