Sony Xperia Go


A new rugged phone

A smartphone that is able to withstand stand, extreme temperatures, water and other damaging elements is always the perfect tool for someone who loves the outdoors. And Sony has just the thing for you if you are such a consumer. Their Xperia Go is a rugged phone, but unlike the others in its category, it’s not ugly to look at. Or heavy and extra thick. We put it, as usual, through some tests. Here is our review about how it performed.

Low pixel density

And we will start by describing the Sony Xperia Go. This is a device that has been endowed with nice looks. Its dimensions are 111mm x 60.3 mm x 9.8 mm, which makes it slimmer than other rugged phones. And this is one of its biggest pros. Because if we look at it from another point of view, we have to say that the plastic in its composition is not a nice addition. At all. But well, this is a phone that is supposed to be used in other environments than, say, in the garden of a castle.

The display of this model measures 3.5″. It is made of a glass that offers protection against scratches. Its resolution totals an amount of 320 x 480 pixels. Visibility was fine in our tests. But if you are after a beautiful-looking touchscreen, the one on the Xperia Go is not at all what you’d like. Image quality was fine, even despite the low pixel density. But viewing angles weren’t that great.Sony-Xperia-Go

Powered by Android 2.3

The processor is a 1GHz dual-core ST-Ericsson NovaThor U8500. Long name, but this kind of CPU works well. This phone is not the fastest out there, but it’s not the slowest, either. The device responded as it should when we either opened the menu or navigating through its options. The operating system is Android’s 2.3 version. If you’re not experienced with it, don’t worry: it’s easy to use. Internal storage is 4GB. The memory that is onboard is 512MB of RAM. If you want to expand the storage, a microSD card will help you reach 32GB.

But, since this is a rugged device, let’s see what this means. If you plan on throwing sand on it, it won’t make it close down and refuse to work. Likewise, if you swim with it, water will not affect it. And that’s about it.

Not impressive camera

The Sony Xperia Go has good call quality. We experienced excellent clarity and volume levels. Which were due to the phone’s great mic. But a con here was the weak earpiece. Which means that you should use this device in closed spaces more than in very loud environments.

There is only one camera on the Xperia Go. And it is a 5-megapixel one. It did not perform that well, though. Quality of photos was just OK. Colors and brightness were fine, but we’ve seen better than that. Contrast wasn’t that fabulous, either. You can record a video at 720p and that’s how much it can go. As opposed to pics, clips looked much better.

We have played around with smartphones that had better batteries than the one on this device. We managed to squeeze 19.2 days of stand-by time out of it; and then 5.50 hours of talk-time. This phone will last a day if used wisely.

Review conclusion

At the end of our today’s review, it appears to us that Sony’s Xperia Go is not an excellent rugged phone. But it sure doesn’t suck, either. It’s somewhere in between, with good protection against sand and water and good performance.