The Sony VPLHW30AES works well as a projector for 2D content. It works even better for 3D. We came to this conclusion after giving it a go in a couple of tests of ours. Here you go.

We don’t think we have ever seen such a silent working projector like the Sony VPLHW30AES. However far or close to it we sat, it didn’t make a noise while doing its job. The design is very nice for such a product. Whenever we would turn it off and then on, this projector would be in standby and then out of it. But even if it behaved so erratically, this did not affect its good performance. In terms of connectivity, this product is well served by the following additions: 1 IR port and 2 HDMI ports.

A 3D powerful projector

In the package that came along with the VPLHW30AES we unraveled the following offerings: a charger for viewing glasses, 2 pairs of 3D glasses, batteries, a remote control and an IR projector.

Once we finished with that, we proceeded to actually using this projector in a couple of tests. Before that we set this model up to see how hard or well it went. It turned out we had zero issues doing that. It all took us less than 1 hour by the clock. You can either put it on a desk or get it mounted to a ceiling in your room. In both cases, you will not be forced to employ a projection screen. And that is a great achievement.Sony-VPLHW30AES

If you are impatient: yes, the negative comments you read on some sites are not true. The quality of content we used on this device review was very good. And we’ll give an in-depth opinion on that right away.

Impressive overall performance

First, we connected the new VPLHW30AES to a player (doesn’t matter what brand you use). Then we watched a movie in 3D. The performance we were subjected to was superb. We could watch that film in all its intended glory: brightness was awesome, as were colors. The content looked extra sharp. The depth of blacks was a great pro. Images were also really clear. Everything looked smooth and there was no need to adjust settings. The focus that this unit employs is straightforward and you won’t need to read the user’s manual to understand how it works.

On the whole, 3D performance was as great as on many superior projector sets made by all the most important names in the gadget world and recently reviewed by us. And we did not even need to buy a special screen to view all of this superb quality. Even when we used a cheap model, content still had that same excellent quality that we saw when we used an expensive display. The 3D glasses we used to view movies were comfortable to the max. And they, too, did an extraordinary job of making us see 3D images in the best way possible. By the way, there was no need for us to charge them that often. As a case in point: they worked for 4 hours after charging them for 2 minutes.

Review conclusion

The way we see it, Sony’s VPLHW30AES has many strengths. They make this projector a reliable and good model to use if you want to experience the feeling you get when you’re at the cinema. We wholeheartedly recommend it to both beginners and pros alike.

Technical specifications

Dynamic Contrast Ratio – 70,000:1
Whisper-quiet fan: 22db
Frequency: up to 240Hz
Capabilities: 2D HD to 3D conversion