Sony Vegas Pro 11


A powerful software updated

The Sony Vegas Pro 11 is a software released at the end of last year, but the publisher didn’t think it necessary to add the features contained by this update, which made many think that the product would be a disappointing one in terms of performance and general conduct. We, however, confident about Sony’s capabilities, preserved our faith in the company and tested the newest release to show that it was still living up to its long founded reputation. We publish here the conclusions we came to in the form of the following review.

Effects plugin architecture

Sony’s Vegas Pro 11 received the set of new features as a consequence of the brand’s decision to implement the latest OFX, an effects plugin architecture. The 10 model already had it, but it didn’t register such a big impact. The Vegas Pro 11 currently has 36 of the 57 inserted in the first software and among them are 8 3rd party effects from NewBlue and 1 in-house effect.Sony-Vegas-Pro11

Owners of this software have long waited for keyframe lanes; lo and behold, the version we tested had this very feature, so finally multiple parameters were very easy to automate and there was no clogged timeline anymore. Each parameter sports its own keyframe lane in the case of OFX effects. For what it’s worth, the Bézier handles feature of the Vegas Pro 11 is something that should have landed a long time ago, since Adobe Premiere Pro has had it for quite a while now. What does this mean: the possibility to make curved paths between keyframes, but ironically the places they won’t work in are the editors for Track Motion and Pan/Crop. This affected the moving of graphics and videos around the frame, making it awkward, since Position keyframes got in the business of the Rotation keyframes; things became even more awkward when we noticed we only had basic control over the trajectory and the speed.

OpenCL framework

The Sony Vegas Pro 11 didn’t empty its bag of novelties after the introduction of the OFX. The acceleration of the graphics unit and its very good performance thanks to OpenCL framework were proven when we tested it using our laptop’s Intel Core i7-870 CPU and Nvidia GTX 275 GPU. This might be our favorite feature in such a software. The preview frame rate of the Pro 10 experienced a drop to 7fps when we set the preview window to a resolution of 1.920 x 1.080 pixels and applied a Gaussian Blur effect to an existent to an AVCHD clip. Version 11 did much better: the rate was maintained under 24fps in similar circumstances. After we tortured the software with 8 simultaneous effects that were demanding, its frame rate reached 21fps, so a much needed improvement compared to version 10. Rendering of speed is improved by almost 50% and decoding meant the software being able to preview 6 simultaneous AVCHD streams at 1080p.Sony-Vegas-Pro-11-cd

RAW files support

NewBlue Titler Pro, a titles editor, is also a new feature for the Sony Vegas Pro 11 and it comes with the most helpful and friendly UI ever. It moved text in 3D space with a lot of ease and had the ability to manipulate individual characters, but it fell short of being perfect because of the fact that keyframe animation was only per text object and it only worked for only a few parameters. The quality of output was phenomenal.

Several other features such as support for RAW image files, Sync Links and others will bring a lot of interest to this software.

Review conclusion

The Sony Vegas Pro 11 is, at the end of this review, the right tool for consumers who like to play with animated graphics.

  1. Nikole at 5:27 pm

    Did you tested the software on a different environment ? I mean, a computer with less resources. Which was the results in this situation ?