Sony Vaio E15


A mainstream notebook

$700 Vaio E15 is the first mainstream laptop produced by Sony which features an Intel Ivy Bridge CPU. This device has many attributes that will make it reach the hearts of consumers everywhere in a very short time. This review that we prepared will explain why this is so.

Two colors available

The looks of the new Sony Vaio E15 are very subtle, thus exciting, and they’re called “wrap”. The lid, for instance, is made of brushed aluminum. This sort of design means a dark grey body which wraps around the device’s bottom, up its front and finally over its deck. This latest notebook is going to also sport the following color options: Seafoam White and Sharkskin Black. The Vaio E15 has a weight of 5.4 pounds and the following dimensions: 14.7″ x 10″ x 1-1.32″.

The interior of this product exudes a similar sense of elegant subtlety. The touchpad has a border that is both delicate and slim.

15.5 inch display

The display on this model is a 15.5 inch. The resolution it packs is 1366 x 768 pixels. Backlight is also available. Color were rich when we tested the notebook. We especially digged the blues and blacks. A con that this display delivered was poor brightness. It has a total of only 140 lux. For comparison’s sake: the standard mainstream laptop has 272 lux.Sony-Vaio-E15

The keyboard of the E15 is a LED backlit one with a large dimension. Typing went at a fast pace and we didn’t make many mistakes. We scored 54 words per minute in tests for this review. The touchpad has no discrete mouse keys. However, its bottom half delivers very good feedback. The clickpad is a 3.9 x 2.2″ inch Synaptics one. It sports an area that is perfect for doing multitouch gestures. The swiftness of two-finger rotation, pinch-to-zoom and two-finger scroll was delightful.

Sound quality was the ultimate pro point. Our room was inundated in clear audio quality.

Powered by Windows 7

This latest Sony laptop does not get very hot. 15 minutes into using it we registered 83 degrees Fahrenheit when touching the device’s touchpad.

The operating system is Windows 7 Home Premium, the 64-bit version. Thanks to it, a 4.97GB multimedia file transferred in 3 minutes at a transfer rate of 23MBps. The processor is a 2.5-GHz Intel Core i5-3210M (Ivy Bridge). It’s not enough to make the laptop amazingly fast. But this is no snail either. The GPU is an Intel HD Graphics 4000. Other specs which should be mentioned here are the following: a 750GB 5,400-rpm hard drive and 6GB of RAM.

In our laptop battery test, the E15 can last for a total of 4 hours and 40 minutes.

Review conclusion

The VAIO E15 designed by the Japanese team at Sony is definitely a good looker. Not only that, but it also performs well. The sound quality and variety of apps found in its app suite also greatly make up for the poor third-generation Core i5 CPU. Add to that the pre-installed software and you get a laptop that is worthy of your time. It would have been heaps better if the battery had a longer span and the screen had better brightness. But as it is, this Vaio E15 is one of Sony’s best laptops. It will be a good option if you want to own a 15″ notebook that is very appropriate for many other operations besides the usual ones.