Sony PlayStation 3D Display


An impressive gadget

Sony and its new 3D display for PlayStation was officially released in Japan on the 2nd of November. USA is expected to receive it on the 13th of November 2011. The gadget was presented during the E3 event which took place this year in June. Back then the company posted a FAQ on its official page where it gave more info on the device, including the fact that the box it comes in will also have a pair of 3D glasses, 1 HDMI cable and MotorStorm Apocalypse. We managed to get a hold of the latest Sony product and wrote the following review for our readers.

2 HDMI ports included

Judging by its exterior, the Sony PlayStation 3D Display looks very much like Sony’s PSP with the rounded oblong shape it comes in. The design is both simple and sleek, with the body being slim and featuring sharp rounded edges and a glass screen. All of these elements make the gadget stand out from the crowd of other such devices inundating the market. When looking at the product from the front we noticed it was streamlined and had a single indicator light along with a pair of speakers; the back boasted 2 HDMI ports, keys for volume/3D/power and other such settings, a single component input and a headphone jack; controls were, during our tests, a bit difficult to locate, but adjustments such as channel and volume were simple to do, as was toggling the device’s 3D modes. sony-play-station-3d-display

Something we didn’t particularly like was the fact that the gadget came without a remote control. Some will find the lack of other ports and inputs frustrating, but we thought the ones already pre-installed were enough to accommodate a cable box and 2 game consoles for entertainment purposes. And besides, when we wanted more options to test, we simply bought a receiver.

SimulView mode

Picture quality on the Sony PlayStation 3D Display was, to say the least, awesome. When we turned the product on for the very first time, we couldn’t help but stare in admiration at the vibrancy and richness of colors, the depth of blacks and clarity and sharpness of text offered by the 24″ display, its 1080p resolution and 240Hz refresh rate.

Not only is the Sony PlayStation 3D Display a great HDTV, but its main selling point is its 3D capability doubled by the popular SimulView mode that enables two players to get a full screen view at the same time on one display. And it definitely helps that the device is cheaper than others. But you should be aware that the SimulView feature doesn’t support all games; Gears of War 3, for example, gave poor viewing results which made us stop playing it.

Some small problems

Another problem we were faced with when we tested the gadget was an improper image resolution which compensated for the images that were split. Not to mention that SimulView needs 2 pairs of glasses to work properly and Sony’s product ships with only one pair. Playing other games, the likes of Killzone 3, was a so-and-so experience; while appreciating the impression of depth, we certainly didn’t enjoy the headaches we had afterwards. Alas, if you don’t mind that, then you should have no problem with the gadget.

Review conclusion

All in all, at the end of this review we can conclude that the Sony PlayStation 3D Display will make for a good buy if you really want a cheap -$499 -, small and nice-looking device with more than average features and great picture quality.

Technical specifications

* Technology LED-LCD3D
* Diagonal size 24 in
* Product type LED-LCD
* LED backlight type Edge-lit
* LED Backlight technology
* LCD backlight technology
* 3D TechnologyIncluded
* Display refresh rate240 Hz
* HDMI ports2
* Display resolution1080p Full HD
* Built-in speakersIncluded
* Built-in subwooferIncluded
* 3D GlassesOne pair provided
Built-in rechargeable batteries
* Active 3D technologyYes