Sony KDL40EX500


Another 40 inch LCD HDTV

In this article you will discover the Sony KDL40EX500 TV, which fudges the rules in the fullest sense of the range of Nippon manufacturer. We extracted it from the latest generation of this 40-inch TVs, and surprise, it is a classic back-lit screen. Yet it has little to envy LED models.

The design

Sony-KDL40EX500The design of this Sony TV is not really original. It avoids the perennial nice display of glass that covers the screen, which is the case with Sony KDL40HX700. The display is slightly shiny and causes some minor reflections in brightly lit rooms. The design is not really high end but the line of design is adequate to its purpose.

The ergonomics

The menu of this system is very comprehensive, but for once, we found it relatively difficult to use. For example, in order to select the preset Cinema, it is absolutely necessary to dig into the sub-menus. Unlike the HX 700 series, for example, there is no shortcut here to “scene” on the remote control which gives access to presets in a very difficult way.


The connectivity is very complete with four HDMI inputs, two Scart and DLNA connectors. Even if the display is cheap, it benefits all the same with the TV connected. There is also the USB host on this unit. It allows, among others, to watch movies and photos stored on USB. Moreover, in this connection, note that only FAT32 discs will be recognized and you can forget about HD. DivX is SD standard for everyone.


Strangely, the consumption in test of this model explodes the worst scores ever recorded on a screen with 40 inches diagonal. Thus, the Sony KDL40EX500 consumes about 150 watts in operation. That’s huge comparing with any other model. And it’s even stranger that the manufacturer is capable of much better, even without LED. Just look at the review of Sony KDL40LX900 to be convinced. In short, we feel that Sony has chosen the easy load against choosing eco-friendly LED display, I guess…

The Sony KDL40EX500 shows through the same as those of KDL40HX700. The colors are too warm, especially in Warm mode 2, though it was our reference value for the color temperature at Sony so far. Like LG, you can forget the standard mode, definitely stalled for exhibition in store. By seeking mode “Cinema” in the sub-menus, you still get a decent color fidelity.

In any event, it is even more honest. All colors are just perfect! This is probably the Sony TV best able to make natural skin tones with suits everybody’s tastes well … and this is just a CCFL, the LED can get far better.

Quality of the Video

Again, the LED technology is expensive. The black level of this CCFL model is exceptionally low, the sudden contrast explodes over 2800: 1, an excellent score of course. The richness of color is decidedly worse. It is at the limit of the standard red and green in particular.

In test, the Sony KDL40EX500 provides excellent image uniformity and color even if they are not as rich as usual. To the eye, the difference is not really noticeable, exceptions are just on extreme scenes, such as the passage from the Hobbits in the Fellowship of the Ring, for example, where the grass is greener on SLE. It is always greener on the neighbor’s lawn, anyway.

It has little to envy the LED models. Its contrast is excellent. The colors are also very high quality, provided that you switch to cinema. We also appreciated the great dynamics in dark areas of the display.

Display resolution

In high definition, we appreciated in our review, the effectiveness of Motionflow at 100Hz frequency. Very effective, it offers a nice fluidity to Blu-rays with minimal visual artifacts. The rendering is very natural, with enough momentum in the shadows. In short, it’s all good. In contrast, the standard definition is less good. The pictures are fuzzy and not always free of video noise.

Review conclusion

The Sony KDL40EX500 is an excellent TV offered at a very affordable price. Despite its CCFL backlight, the image quality is very good, with good contrast and outstanding color fidelity. We can only complain about its consumption of about 150W.

Positive points (pros)

– Good Contrast provided;
– Rendering HD videos and images;
– Low Price;

Negative points (cons)

– Weak SD;
– High consumption.

Technical specifications

* Aspect Ratio: 16:9;
* Display Resolution: Full HD 1080(1920×1080);
* Screen Size (cm): 101.6cm;
* Screen Size (measured diagonally): 40″;
* Viewing Angle (Right/Left): 178(89/89);
* Viewing Angle (Up/Down): 178(89/89);
* Backlight Type: CCFL;
* Display Device: LCD;