Sony KDL-32EX521


A new LED TV from Sony, full of connectivity

This new model launched by Sony has a 32-inch diagonal and is capable to access online / web services. Apparently, this LED TV seems to have a lot of features. Is it good compared to other models ? Let’s see the review ! 🙂

Expectations before test

Selling price for this TV is about 600 euros in almost all online shops, but this intelligent Sony model with its 32-inch diagonal and powered by LEDs seems to be ready to win against its competitors. The resolution is a full HD at 1080p and the TV measures only 4 inches in thickness. At the same time, this TV provides access to the most popular online services via its Wi-Fi connectivity and has a lot of other multimedia features that look very nice and are able to make you buy one. Let’s see the test ! 🙂


Sony-KDL-32EX521At the design chapter, Sony is set on offering a classic design solution, without anything spectacular. The TV we are reviewing is made just from plastic. A good point for the KDL-32EX521 is that the plastic is of quality, without any fragile feeling. Because this TV uses EDGE LED backlight technology, designers were able to make the TV very thin, with a very cool frame measuring only 4 cm in thickness. The look of this TV will impress all your friends.

You can record everything

The KDL-32EX521 is very good at the connectivity chapter. In fact, this model is almost perfect. The back of the TV is full of four HDMI connectors, one RCA, two USB ports, an Ethernet port, YUV input (with audio input included), a VGA port, a SCART, one connector and analog audio output / audio output optical digital. This model has another surprise. The USB port can be used for recording and storing programs received via antenna or cable tuners. After this stage you must move all data to an external hard drive. This is a good feature if you don’t want to buy a DVD player / recorder.
You must know that the minimum of space for the hard drive or the USB key to work is about 32 GB. You must be careful, because the small USB keys will not work for this type of task.

Xross Media Bar technology

One of the TV’s features is called “TrackID” and is used to identify and obtain information about a song played on the screen. This feature must be available via the remote but the remote that came with the TV had no specific key for this task. Very weird. Another weak point is that the new Xross Media Bar interface technology is far away from being successful at the implementation chapter. We believe that the previous system was much simple and more intuitive compared to this one.

Access to online services

If you want to connect the TV to the Internet via an Wi-Fi adapter, you can choose another USB port for this task. The wireless adapter is not included in the price and is optional. But it is very useful if you want to connect the TV to a external hard drive without any wires. The system is able to support a lot of formats of files. If you use the 1080i HD format, some files can block the system. Through Bravia Internet Video technology it’s possible to access the TV and also online services like YouTube, DailyMotion, Facebook, Eurosport, Picasa and Twitter.
You can use this TV to navigate on the web. The browser that’s used here is Opera, a good choice because the TV works fine and navigation is stable and fast. The TV is DLNA Ready certified and includes a light / presence sensor able to shut the TV down if you want to leave the room for a long time. This is very good news for lovers of the environment.

Good contrast of image

Image quality is relatively good, but this model is not impressive at this chapter. Apparently, colors are difficult to configure. They along with brightness are below average compared to the concurrence. A weak point is its contrasts, but with a lot of settings you can obtain a good image quality. The image is not impressive, but is correct. If your room is full of light, the image is difficult to view. In fact, it’s very difficult to get any detail of the on-screen content in low light conditions. Response time is not very good when there’s fast movement. In that case you can see the presence of noise on all HD sources. If the scenes are dark, the effect is even more visible.
The image quality is not impressive, but if you are able to calibrate the TV correctly, you can obtain a pleasant image. If you use as source Blu-ray disks or other HDTV signal, you will have no problem. If the source of the signal is an SD one, the quality seems to decline very quickly and the image gets bad. Anyway, at a 32 inch diagonal of the screen, the HD upscaling is easyierto perform.

Review conclusion

After our tests we have a conclusion for this review. The TV we got to have a look at wants to offer maximum of features, but the image quality provided with a HD source in a room with light does not fully convinced. Another few things that must be improved are the new Xross Media Bar technology and the setup/usage. Other problems of this TV are the accuracy level and problems with dark scenes that are impossible to solve. At this price, the Sony KDL-32EX521 can be a good choice. But you still can try to find other models that are far better, too.

Technical specifications

Display Size (cm)81
Frequency50 Hertz
Screen Size (inches)32
Screen Format16:09
Horizontal resolution1920
Vertical Resolution1080
Internet accessYes
Screen TypeLCD
HD ready (High Definition TV Compatible)Yes
Cable TunerNo
Full HDYes
Satellite TunerNo
Number of HDMI Inputs4
Digital tunerYes (MPEG4)
LED technologyEdge LED
3D technologyNo