Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc


A high-end smartphone

The latest Xperia Arc smartphone is powered by Android 2.3 and has a very impressive design. One of the most important goodies is the new graphic interface. It is both pleasant and easy to use.


If you take a look at past smartphones belonging to Xperia series, you will see that the X10 , X10 HD, Mini Pro and Xperia Mini weren’t that brilliant. But they were full of new features and ideas. Although the design of these models was good, graphics and performance weren’t always able to offer the best performances. The Xperia Arc’s purpose is to improve the design and to offer a better performance for users. Let’s see the review and whether or not the new Xperia Arc is better than its predecessors.


sony-ericsson-xperia-arcAt first sight, the new design is better, compared to all previous versions of the Xperia family. The style is refined and the lines are correct and very inspired. The phone has a thickness of only 10 mm; its weight is only 117 g. It is very easy to forget this phone in a pocket because it’s so very thin. The device is made from good quality plastic and its finish is better than previous generations of Xperia smartphones.

The Xperia Arc has a large display with 4.2 inches able to offer good image quality. The resolution is about 845 x 480 pixels with medium brightness of 3708cd / m2. If you set the backlight to maximum, you can use the phone even in sunlight without getting headaches. We tested contrast ratio and its medium value was about 1 180:1, a good result compared to what other smartphones from the market are capable of achieving.

Pinching technology

Because this phone introduces the latest Android OS, graphics made plenty of steps forward. The interface keeps the same theme. This is just not a correct feeling because the entire interface was significantly improved with different visual effects, a very pleasant surprise for us. All the widgets used are handled well without any deformation effects and without visualization problems.

On the Xperia Arc, among features there was introduced a new technology. It’s called “pinching” and it’s something that was imported from HTC Sense. With this technology you are able to “pinch” the display with two fingers and perform different tasks, just with your fingers. The widgets are very well implemented and fluid when used. The animations are hardware and software accelerated and the effects those two elements have are impressive. The new version of Android 2.3 operating system seems to have a lot of things to offer.

Compared to other models from the same family, the new Xperia Arc has a very fast interface. In fact, its loading time is very fast and you will not be able to see any freezing of the phone while you use it. With this model, Sony Ericsson seems to almost be on equal footing with the HTC and Apple at this chapter.

Pleasant TimeScape

One of the most important features of this smartphone is called TimeScape and it, too, is developed by Sony. The system was already used on almost all Xperia phones made so far. This system is able to provide you with fast statistics about your latest SMS messages, missed and received calls. Even messages received on Facebook and Twitter. You can update from this smart menu your Facebook status in just a couple of seconds.

The latest TimeScape was improved and its performance is far better. The speed is impressive and the menu works without interruption or lack of fluidity.

Not impressive multimedia

At the multimedia chapter, the Xperia Arc is not something to make your jaw drop to the floor. The phone is able to offer multimedia video playback at 3GP and H.264 (MP4) standards of HD 720p resolution. A bad point is that no other file format is compatible. The manufacturer forget to make a dedicated player and the phone still use the native player offered by the Android OS. In our tests, the device was not able to read files in MP3 and AAC formats.

This is a very bad point for such a phone ! It behaves well at rendering quality and is able to offer good audio and video signals. The Bravia Engine used by Sony for its TVs was also employed for this product. This way images are edited in real time and the encoding process is made at a very low speed and with very good quality in the final result. You can use this advantage when you employ the HDMI output connector to watch videos directly on your compatible TV. The camera has an 8MP sensor resolution and flash powered by LED. In the features’ package, the phone has digital image stabilization with good results if you want to capture a video.

Medium battery life

The Xperia Arc seems to kind of suck when it comes to battery life. The phone is not able to match backlight according to ambient brightness and this is a bad point, because battery life will be insufficient. However, about 8 hours and 30 minutes of talk time could be achieved with this battery. If you use the device for web browsing, you are offered some 4 hours and 30 minutes with the 3G option activated. If you use the phone regularly, you must charge the battery daily.

Review conclusion

The new Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc is an impressive and intelligent phone. This model seems to have a few bad points, but none of them make it hard or unpleasant to use.

Technical specifications

OSAndroid 2.3
CPU producerQualcomm
Memory (RAM)512 MB
CPU Frequency1 GHz
Display diagonal10.66 cm
Touch technologyYes
Number of colors16.7 million
Touch technologyCapacitive
Screen resolution854 x 480
App StoreAndroid Market
Photo resolution8.1 Megapixel
HDMImicro HDMI (Type D)
USB compatibilityYes
Connector Type USBMicro USB
Definition video (in pixels)1280 x 720
FM radioYes