Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX10


Quality and compactness at the same time

Even if it is so thin, the new Sony Cyber-shot TX10 seems to offer very good performance, even if the photos are taken in low light conditions. The sensor make the difference again.


The Cyber-shot TX family is a class of extra fine digital cameras that Sony offers to those looking for elegance instead of other characteristics. However, the TX10 model, one of the last products launched by this brand, has a stylish design and a powerful performance of the sensor Exmor R produced by Sony, all at the same time. Is this the perfect solution ? Let’s see our test and review !


sony-cyber-shot-dsc-tx10Sony engineers have always been able to create small objects with clean design and a lot of features. This small digital camera is only 18 mm thick, which leaves the competition behind. The design is made without any mistake and the finish is done in the same way, the old Japanese way. At first look, the flap which protects the optical elements seems to be fragile, but, after a few days in your pocket, the camera works just fine. However, what this camera has as weak point is its format.

Exmor R sensor

The Exmor R is one of the most powerful sensors on the market. It was used for the first time in 2009 on the XW1. However, this is still one of the most used Sony sensors, as proven by the HX7v previously tested on our blog a few days ago. However, the new TX10 also features the Exmor R, which uses the same CMOS technology but with an inverted structure (the back side is illuminated). On this model, the electronic circuits were moved behind of the sensor (and not beside it as usual). This way the result is a significant improvement of the amount of light recovered by the surface of the sensor.
Because it uses this sensor, the TX10 shows again that is possible to snap good sharp pictures at arm’s length, even when the light is not enough. The camera offers other interesting features, like the panorama sweep for example. However, if you are looking at the quality of the image, this is not perfect. But what is the reason of this problem ? At first view it seems to be a problem related to optical elements.

Wide-angle, but without sharpness

As we already told you, the image sensor is not located on the back of the camera in this case. Instead of this, another solution was found: a prism changes the light’s direction from the lens to the sensor. This solution uses a special type of lens, called a periscope. This is normally used to obtain a good optical zoom in a limited space. This lens seems to have both advantages and disadvantages. The camera has a very wide-angle lens of 25 mm ! Another positive thing is that the TX10 has a decent optical zoom of x4. However, the bad thing is that this solution produces images without sharpness, as photographers report. And as we do, too. This problem affected all the photos and we weren’t very happy to see that.

Optical zoom access is not perfect

Because the camera ships with the touch screen technology included, Sony has split access to the optical zoom in two directions. One of them uses virtual screen splits and the other uses a real wheel located on the upper right corner of the camera. The button was designed to not ruin the design. The chosen location is a problem and the plastic replaces good quality materials from the rest of the gadget.

High definition and touch screen

The touchscreen technology used on the TX10 is a success because it combines precision, power and ergonomics software contrasts so that the device uses 100% of the surface for touch controls. The display offers a lot of power and quality when you record movies; the image is great, impressive and fluid as on the best TVs. Other features included in this small package are video and sound. The video is a 1080i HD standard with optical zoom that gets activated while running. The sound is stereo and it is recorded by a mic placed on the front of the camera. The device is able to capture good quality sound as well. Another interesting thing is the stabilization of the optical device, which is really helpful when you shoot videos in difficult conditions.

Review conclusion

After our tests we can say that this camera deserves four stars! The weak point is made by the shape of the optical elements. However, Sony Cyber-shot TX10 is a great device, filled with great technology and features. If you are not addicted to the most superb image quality imaginable, you will appreciate the design, good touch screen of the camera and its overall performance in almost any conditions. And these are the most important things.

Technical specifications

Resolution16.2 MP
Digital Zoom16 x
Optical Zoom4 x
Sensor TypeCMOS
Viewfinder TypeLCD Monitor
Total weight118 g
Battery modelSony NP-BN1

  1. Gary Desmond at 5:22 am

    Who wrote this review?? A recent Chinese immigrant?? Didn’t anyone there pick up that this is written in pidgin English? e.g. “…the choose location is a problem and the plastic was replaced
    the good quality materials from the rest of the gadget.” WTF?? Who’s the editor over there??

    • Sen at 2:55 pm

      I feel you garry. I suggest you check out my website (link above) for a detailed review.

  2. Val at 2:31 am

    I bought this camera three weeks ago. The cabinet cracked near the zoom button after only one drop, the distance from my hand to the ground was…what…30 cm? That was only four days after I bought it. And the blue color started to go away after one week of use and there where a lot of scratches even If I always carried it in a hard case and gently cleaned it with a microfiber tissues many times a day.
    Also, you can’t see anything on the screen when there is sun (example: Cuba!) and the same problem occured in the water…all my famlily that tried my camera complained for that. So I took most of my pictures randomly when I was in vacation in Cuba. They sould have use the same technology for the screen then the Ipad!!! I’m pretty disappointed with Sony here!
    So 10 days after I bought it, when I came back of vacation, I went right to the place where I bought it and they didn’t want to take it back (I wanted to buy a Canon instead) even if I had a 15 days warranty, because of the crack (arrgggh!!!) Very upset. At least,Sony repaired my camera, but I had to send it to them for 15 days, and now Im stuck with it even if I would prefer a Canon or Nikon…Let say I don’t trust my Sony camera anymore and I’m really afraid it brakes again!!!!

    • Carlos P at 9:22 am

      I have the same problem, but in my tx5 camera! After 6 months, the piece that holds the battery cover broke a drop of 40 cm! The sony didn’t pay anything! 🙁
      If you want a wanterproof and shockproof camera go to olympus tough!

  3. Chinky at 5:25 pm

    Hi! Did sony fix it and did you have to pay for it? I have the same problem. It was not even dropped or anything. I just found line a as thick as a hair near the zoom buttons. I used it under water and it got bigger.

    • Unhappy Sony camera owner at 11:01 am

      Mine too cracked and after only 1 week of owning the camera! I hadn’t dropped it and it hadn’t even left the house. Sony store guy tried to blame me and said it was ‘accidental damage’. They ended up fixing it for free (is that an omission that it is actually a manufacturing fault?). Take it back and insist with them that this is a manufacturing fault. This camera is supposed to be shock proof to 1.5 metres…so it should be technically impossible for it to crack without it being dropped and when it has barely been used. Buy the Panasonic FT3. My mate has it and it is superb. Much better than the Sony. I will never buy another Sony product. I feel like I’ve been given a dud.

      • Marisol at 8:59 pm

        I have the same problem and my camera is right now in service at Sony Center. The outside crack without dropping it. We should get our money back because this is a manufacture problem. I have no complains with the pictures.

  4. Barbie Aida at 12:58 pm

    What was happened wid u guys,..
    i bought this camera in Sony Maldives, i got the pink one (the color i loved), and over 1 month after i used it every single day, coz that was my vacation time. not only me, my brothers, my dad, my boyfriend, they all use it. means anyone touched this my lovely camera, but nothings happened.
    it was cool, it was absolutely perfect, i do not need to edit my pics anymore coz by choosing those menu types, it helps to make all my pics look awesome ^_^.
    i even still remember my brother said, : sist, please leave for me that camera, i don’t care it’s pink, i just loved it so much ” hahahahha,…
    now i see how cool is Sony TX10….
    and now, i enjoyed every day, taking all the awesome pics in Maldives for my last year before i have to go back to Indonesia,..
    Thx Sony,.. i keep trust on you ^_^
    mmmmuuuaccchhh ^_^

  5. catalin at 8:03 am

    Did you forget to mention it’s WATERPROOF up to 5 meters underwater? Or shockproof from a height of 1.5 meters?

  6. Velis at 10:27 am

    Hey, I had the same problem 3 times aleeady! The camera has never been dropped, it just cracked near the zoom button. The first time I thought it was probably me… I got it fixed by sony and paid for it. Two weeks later it cracked again without ant reason, same place near the zoom button. All my familly saw how it broke all of a sudden on the table. So Sony fixed it again, this time for free. Yesterday I took 5-6 pics with my repared camera and guess what! It ‘s broken again! I take care of all my cameras and my friends even think I am a maniac with my stuff. Now I think it must be a manufacturing fault, so I won’t even send it back to Sony center to fix it again, there is no point, It’s not reliable anymore. I’ll buy a canon or panasonic waterproof camera next time I’ll go on holidays.

  7. Claudio at 7:34 pm

    Ooooh!!!!, I have the same problem!!!!!, after two month it got cracked on the side without dropping it, I could not believe it until now (I thought my wife accidentally dropped it and she didnt want to admit it). The camera still works, but I dont want to use it underwater because of that. I have it since 8 month. I will try to contact sony and get it repaired.
    Any suggestion???

  8. sam at 10:05 pm

    Cracked without falling. and sony says physical damage is not covered in a shockproof camera? what is this kind of disrespect?